Wednesday, 1 February 2012

January 2012 Supernatural Dreams Summarized (Pdf Form)

Praise the LORD brothers and sisters,

I have posted in the link below a printer friendly summary (In PDF Form) of the January 2012 supernatural dreams that the LORD God Almighty, the LORD Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit have given me through visitations through supernatural dreams

I have also linked below for people who had not read/downloaded/printed the 2011 supernatural dreams presented to me by the LORD during visitations through supernatural dreams.

I have also linked below the book: For Jesus Christ I Stand, for those who had not read/downloaded/printed it. This is a book with end time messages and articles which I believe and know will bless you, prepare you and teach you on various end-time topics. I wrote this book last year (2011) and it tackles/handles various topics that I believe the LORD  put a burden on my heart to write about.

May the LORD bless you on each of the above links and may He guide you and give you the spiritual discernment to get and understand the messages on each.

Everything in the above is for free: and so you can distribute it/them if you feel like.


Kevin Mirasi

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  1. Brother Kevin: everywhere I am hearing of visions about the Lord's return here is a very interesting link, contact Susan Davis to add you to the email list

    God Bless you Kevin, Nick Cucinella, Long Beach, CA.