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The LORD God Almighty, The LORD Jesus Christ and The Holy Spirit showed me the Nation of North Korea in a very mighty communication with The LORD on 8th November 2012 which I titled as follows when sharing it across the globe: A Prophetic Dream Where I Was Shown North Korea And I was Shown The North Korean Military Enjoying Privileges While the Common Civilians Were In A Dire Malnourishment Status

And in this prophetic dream of The LORD, The LORD extensively showed me the contrasting situation of the military and the common civilians and the LORD showed me a very successful military against a deprived and a malnourished common population. In essence The LORD was showing me the prophesy of an upcoming very sharp focus by the international community and indeed the whole world on the success of the North Korean Military against a backdrop of a malnourished and a deprived civilian population. This prophesy of The LORD where The LORD mentioned North Korea by name and showed a celebrating and a successful military has been fulfilled following the Military launch of a rocket into space on 12th December 2012 by The North Korea regime culminating into widespread celebration by the military and the ruling elite in North Korea. This despite a starving and a malnourished population that has got nothing to celebrate.

What is even shocking is the fact that the international news channels has now extensively brought into the attention of the world the contrasting situation of the success and celebration of the military against a starving population as they reported this phenomenal. The LORD very extensively brought this to my attention as He took me to North Korea in that prophesy of The LORD on 8th November 2012 in what I stated as follows:  The first message imparted in my heart in the dream is that even though North Korea is a secluded nation out of reach of the outside community, the LORD is now revealing more details about the real dire situation in North Korea including the very terrible and horrible distinct link between those who have the military uniform and those who do not have the military uniform.”

The LORD also showed me in that very mighty communication of The LORD on 8th November 2012 that there was going to be an intense tension between North Korea and the international community (including South Korea) and this I summarized as follows when sharing the prophesy of the LORD back then on 8th November 2012: I was then made to understand in the dream the intense tension going on between North Korea and the international community (Including South Korea). Shockingly this has come to pass just as The LORD revealed. And so the international community (Including South Korea) has unanimously condemned North Korea as tension rises leading even to the UN Security council calling for an emergency meeting to discuss the North Korean move.

The LORD even showed me the President of North Korea Kim Jong-Un in that mighty communication with The LORD of 8th November 2012 as he was showing me the contrasting situation of the military and the civilian population. The LORD thus made me focus on him as this situation was unfolding in the prophetic dream back then. And shockingly the international news channels have as well now put North Korean President  Kim Jong-Un in a very sharp focus as they are reporting that he has now managed to gain world attention and that he is now “the man of the moment.”

The LORD even showed me the President of North Korea being praised by the military and the ruling class to an extent of almost being worshiped. And this has shockingly been manifested by what the international news channels are summarizing as follows: At a time when great yearnings and reverence for Kim Jong Il pervade the whole country, its scientists and technicians brilliantly carried out his behests to launch a scientific and technological satellite in 2012, the year marking the 100th anniversary of President Kim Il Sung,” the state-run news agency said in a statement.”

Before I List The links to The News Reportage on This, I Want to state Some of The Very Glaring News Reportage from The International News Channels That Effectively Emphasizes what The LORD Showed Me on 8th November 2012:

1-The military are part of North Korea’s privileged elite, who belong to the ruling single party. They are known as the ‘core class’, and number a quarter of the population. The most privileged of all are the Kims themselves, with gilded luxury residences, replete with bowling alleys,cinemas and heated swimming pools. More than half the population of 23 Million people are  not so fortunate as they are classed as ‘waverers’, ordinary people outside the charmed party circle. While still at school they have to complete detailed biographical sketches of their families, which are then used by the state to determine everything from food rations and housing to careers.The final class of people are categorised as ‘hostile’. These are the children of the intelligentsia such as doctors, Christian ministers, merchants or lawyers. They are taken from their families and forced to live in barren regions of the country near China where it is cold, windy and mountainous. The hostiles constitute 20 per cent of the population in what must be the most class-stratified society on earth.”

2-  Yet Kim Jong-un manages to fund the fourth largest army in the world, with one million troops on the South Korean border alone, and 13,000 artillery pieces that could rain chemical shells as well as high explosives on Seoul to the South. His regime regularly sinks ships that sail too close to islands in disputed waters. Sometimes it shells these islands too, killing South Korean soldiers and civilians. By indulging in his military escapades, Kim Jong-un is practising a deadly game of extortion — and one which until now has proved successful. Invariably either South Korea or the U.S. have responded by trying to appease the regime with the shipments of supplies it needs to feed its starving population.” 

3-“With Wednesday's successful launch of a long-range rocket, the 29-year-old Kim can also take credit for putting a satellite into orbit, a feat that long eluded his father and remains a challenge for rival South Korea

4- The timing of the launch works beautifully for North Korea, coming in the run-up to national elections Dec. 16 in Japan and Dec. 19 in South Korea. The North Koreans had been anxious to complete the launch this year to live up to a propaganda campaign that had emphasized North Korea as a "strong and prosperous" country in 2012.Others like Britain said the state, which has suffered intermittent famines in the past two decades, would have been better off spending its meagre resources on its own people.

5- "I suggest they focus on technology development that will benefit their people, not their military.'"Lee Seung-Ho, 30, a businessman, agreed that people should come first."They (North Korea) just spent an enormous amount of money on one missile, and they deserve condemnation for spending money for propaganda purposes."North Korea has suffered several severe famines in the past.”

6-  North Korea's next step after rattling the world by putting a satellite into orbit for the first time will likely be a nuclear test, the third conducted by the reclusive and unpredictable state.

7- As the Security Council convened, Mark Lyall Grant, UK ambassador to the UN, told Reuters: “In our view [the council] should react, it should react quickly, and it should react strongly to this provocation.” A senior western diplomat said on condition of anonymity that the US, Europe, Japan and South Korea were among those who would like to see UN sanctions expanded.”
8- Seoul has strongly condemned the launch as a violation of UN resolutions, with the South Korean president calling for an emergency meeting over the issue. The launch was confirmed by officials at the South Korean Defense Ministry and its Joint Chiefs of Staff.”
9- The US branded the launch a “highly provocative act that threatens regional security.”

10- "If Kim Jong Un pulls off a successful long-range missile test, it's a very important signal saying that 'Yes, I, Kim Jong Un, have replaced the powerful generals,' " said John Park, a Stanton junior faculty fellow at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. "It shows that 'I have found the right balance and I am now in charge.' "

11- “At a time when great yearnings and reverence for Kim Jong Il pervade the whole country, its scientists and technicians brilliantly carried out his behests to launch a scientific and technological satellite in 2012, the year marking the 100th anniversary of President Kim Il Sung,” the state-run news agency said in a statement.”

12-“North Korea is a totalitarian dictatorship where loudspeakers pump out propaganda on the streets and in factories and mines. It practices total surveillance, with the spies being spied on by other spies. Anyone who falls foul of the regime — and sins range from listening to South Korean radio stations and failing to praise the leader sufficiently, to attempting flight to China in order to avoid starvation — is put in one of the country’s six vast prison camps that house 200,000 people. And it’s not just the offender who suffers. The regime practices inter-generational punishment. This means that his or her parents and offspring are incarcerated too, often for their entire lives. These camps are huge complexes, sometimes as large as Los Angeles in extent, except that they are surrounded by electric fences and watchtowers. Inmates toil in mines from before dawn to dusk, and then have to sit through indoctrination sessions where they are often beaten for real or imaginary infractions of rules that are only known to the guards.  A place in college is awarded to any guard who shoots dead anyone trying to escape. Executions and torture are rife. Rare accounts from defectors have mentioned specially-trained dogs being set on prisoners to maul them to death. There even have been horrifying accounts of female prisoners being routinely raped by guards and the foetuses that result being cut from their wombs.”


1- Daily Mail

Headline: Gulags, mass starvation, torture and the boy tyrant who's one step closer to nuking the West


Headline: North Korean refugees flee to China

3-Los Angeles Times

Headline: North Korea leader's stock rises with rocket launch

4-Yahoo News

Headline. Korea launches rocket: Live Report


Headline: For North Korea, next step is a nuclear test


Headline: US and UN condemn N Korea rocket launch

8- RT.Com

Headline: North Korean rocket launch condemned


Precious Jesus,

I acknowledge today that you are lord and savior of all mankind,

and today I have recognized my shortfall,

I repent and turn away from all sin.

Please cover me with your precious blood,

and establish your word in my life,

that I may be found in righteousness and holiness

and write my name in your book of life

and baptize me with the power of the Holy Spirit

in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.


Shalom!!! Shalom!!! Shalom!!!

Kevin Mirasi

The link to The Prophetic Dream of 8Th November 2012 Titled: A Prophetic Dream Where I Was Shown North Korea And I was Shown The North Korean Military Enjoying Privileges While the Common Civilians Were In A Dire Malnourishment Status

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