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On 17th February 2013, The LORD God Almighty, The LORD Jesus Christ and The Holy Spirit had a very mighty conversation with me through a prophetic supernatural dream about the then forthcoming General elections in Kenya that was schedule to take place on 4th March 2013. I shared this prophesy of The LORD in what I titled as follows when posting and sharing it across: “The LORD Shows Me About The Forthcoming General Elections In Kenya And Events To Follow”

And The LORD revealed to me very many key notes about events that were going to follow after the General Elections. And one of the things The LORD revealed to me was a very clear writing that stated as follows: “The Winner of The Elections Will be Known At A Date That is Longer Than Expected: April 2013!!!” . I wondered what The LORD meant by that writing that He revealed to me: And at first I thought that, that writing meant that the elections will be going for a run-off into April, but it has now turned out that The LORD meant that the 4th President will officially take the reign of the country by being sworn in April 2013. And that all this General election process will officially be concluded in April 2013. And so having gone to election on 4th March 2013, Kenyan must have thought that everything was going to be concluded early enough within the month of March, but The LORD was already revealing way back on 17th February 2013 that April 2013 is the month when the fourth President of Kenya will officially take over by being sworn in and thus effectively concluding the General election process in April 2013. It is very important to note at this juncture that according to the Kenyan constitution, the swearing date of the President is not cast in stone and so it can vary depending on very many factors.

The other Key notes of that mighty conversation with The LORD and which were revealed to me by the LORD and which came to pass were as follows:

1-The Delay in transmission of Presidential election results .I was actually shown in the prophetic dream that there would be very substantial delay in the transmission of the Presidential election results. In the dream I was actually placed in a day (5th March 2013) after the elections and I was made to understand that there was a delay in the transmission of the Kenyan presidential election results. While sharing the prophetic dream of The LORD on 17th February 2013, I stated it as follows: Later on in the early morning I had a second dream, and in this second dream I found myself watching a Television screen. And as I watched the Television screen, I was made to understand that there was a delay in transmission of some very critical news about the General elections in Kenya.”

And so this came to pass since the Presidential election result transmission  delayed considerably. This delay led to a surprising turn of events whereby the electoral commission of Kenya had to change the methodology of relaying the Presidential result update from the electronic system to compilation of manual legal electoral forms from the 290 constituencies. While this was happening, many Kenyans were glued onto their Television screens as the Presidential results trickled in at a snail pace eventually stopping altogether for several hours since the electronic transmission crashed. And so The LORD had already put me in this particular situation 15 days before the elections in a prophetic supernatural dream where I was glued on the Television as what The LORD made me to understand and I stated as follows when I was sharing the prophesy of The LORD: there was a delay in transmission of some very critical news about the General elections in Kenya

2- The jamming and transmission problem of mobile phones and other electronic transmitters. While sharing the prophetic dream of The LORD, I stated as follows: The networks of mobile telephone transmitters had been jammed and so were not working as well.This prophesy of the jamming and problem of transmission via mobile phone network came to pass with mobile phones and network meant to have been used to transmit results from polling stations failing to substantially function. The electronic system meant to receive and tally the votes also experienced transmission problem since it developed technical hitches and eventually crashed.

3-The leadership of the nation calling for calm and assuring the nation that all is well. The LORD made me understand what I summarized as follows when sharing the prophesy of The LORD back then on 17th February 2013: The first message that was imparted in my heart in the dream is that a very tense and distressing time and possibly a judgment of The LORD is coming to Kenya after the General elections of 4th March 2013, culminating into media distress, mobile phone transmission distress and consequently some of the leaders coming out to assure the nation that all is “well”.

And so as a fulfillment of The word of The LORD, many leaders indeed came out to tell the people of the nation of Kenya to stay calm since all is “well”  including the Chairman of the electoral commission: Isaac Hassan and also the Kenyan Police Inspector General: David Kimaiyo amongst many other Kenyan leaders. 

4-Extensive tension in the land. While sharing the prophetic dream of The LORD, I stated that: there was a very tense and distressing moment coming to the land  of Kenya due to the delay of transmission of Presidential results. This came to pass just as The LORD revealed. And so for close to 5 days the nation literally came to a standstill since they were very eager to get the results and get over the elections, but this took along time to conclude leading to extensive tension in the land. This went for the whole of the month of March 2013.



1-The LORD has recently shown me the reconciliation that needs to be done to bring the people of Kenya into a unity of purpose. In that another very mighty conversation last week (towards the end of March 2013) in a prophetic supernatural dream, The LORD showed me the very very extreme differences amongst different groups of Kenyan citizens. And The LORD showed me the very serious effort that needs to be done to bridge a reconciliation so that peace, love and unity prevails in Kenya, so that Kenya can move forward with unity of purpose.  The good news is that in that very mighty revelation of The LORD, I saw reconciliation actually happening amongst different groups of Kenyans Citizens. And so prayer and Repentance should still continue so that the reconciliation efforts and love for the neighbors are fully embraced and achieved in Kenya.

2-I believe and know that the National Repentance held in Kenya on 24th February 2013 saved the country from very adverse judgment that would have visited the nation of Kenya had the nation refused to heed to the call to a national Repentance.

3-The LORD has in the past revealed to me 58 prophesies as at today the 2nd April 2013 and out of these, 28 have effectively come to pass and the 30 that have not been fulfilled will be fulfilled very soon

The example of the 28 fulfilled includes the one where on 9th July 2012, The LORD revealed to me that very massive destruction will hit USA by November 2012 and come 27th October 2012, a very massive destruction in the form of Hurricane Sandy hit USA states of New York, New Jersey and 13 other states. He also revealed to me on 6th February 2013 that a banking crisis is coming to the earth and bank customers were going to lose the value of their deposits; and 40 days later a very massive unprecedented banking crisis hit Europe in the nation of Cyprus and all the words of The LORD were fulfilled.

The example of the 30 prophesies not yet fulfilled includes a mega earthquake that is very soon going to hit California, USA. You can read more in the website and also in the facebook threads.





Precious Jesus, 

I acknowledge today that you are lord and savior of all mankind, 

and today I have recognized my shortfall,

I repent and turn away from all sin. 

Please cover me with your precious blood, 

and establish your word in my life, 

that I may be found in righteousness and holiness 

and write my name in your book of life 

and baptize me with the power of the Holy Spirit 

in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. 


Shalom!!! Shalom!!! Shalom!!! 

Kevin Mirasi

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