Friday, 8 November 2013


It was the most shocking and surprising days of my life, and this was on 7th November 2013 and also on 8th November 2013 when The LORD Himself visited me and my family in the house that I’m staying at . This was a very special visitation of The LORD of its kind. In my entire life I have never experienced such a very special encounter with The LORD where The LORD Himself descends and have a very direct one on one conversation with me and my family while we were awake. The conversation of The LORD was from 3am to 5am in the morning. And it covered a lot particularly about my family. And on both occasions, The power of The LORD descended upon the place and The LORD Himself was present; and The LORD then took over the bodies of one of us in each of the occasions and then He spoke through their body while their body was rendered ineffective (“dead”); and only after The LORD had finished speaking and left their body, did their body resume normalcy.

I even asked The LORD as He was finishing: “LORD Can We Share Your Revelation Today With The World Through The Internet?”, and The LORD replied: “Yes My Servant Kevin, Because Of You, I Allow You To Share This Revelation On The Internet.And He also said: “But You Have To Use Wisdom Because Revelations For Family Is Good To Maintain At Family Level, But You Can Share The Other International Revelations.”

On 7th November 2013,The LORD started by saying:  “My Servant Kevin, Thank You For Putting A Place For Me To Dwell In; Thank You For Creating An Altar For Me In Your House. Your Garment Is Ready And Your Reward In Heaven Is Abundant. Continue With The Good Work My Son, But I Always Get Angry When You Welcome Me To Your House And Yet I’m Always Present In Your House All The Time And The LORD went ahead to say: “I am Jehovah, The LORD Jesus Christ: The Son of God,”

And on 8th November 2013, The LORD once more directly communicated to us, and The LORD started by saying: “Kevin Mirasi, Open The Bible And Read Malachi Chapter 3 Verse 1 And Then Verse 6………….And Then Open Luke 4:13

Malachi 3:1 I will send my messenger, who will prepare the way before me. Then suddenly the Lord you are seeking will come to his temple; the messenger of the covenant, whom you desire, will come,” says the Lord Almighty."

Luke 4:13 "When the devil had finished all this tempting, he left him until an opportune time." 

And Then The LORD said: “The Nation Of Kenya, I Sent My Servant To You To Proclaim Repentance Amongst You And Even Brought My Glory On Your Land, But You Have Turned Against My Servant And Has Abused Him And Called Him A Devil Worshipper . How Dare You Call My Servant A Devil Worshipper? Now I Am Visiting And Taking My Servant And Glory To Angola. Raila Odinga, You Pretend And Yet You Are Worshipping Idols And Demons. Same As Uhuru Kenyatta And William Ruto. At Uhuru Park, It Was Because Of My Grace Through My Servant Prophet David Owuor That I Gathered You And Even After Attending Uhuru Park Meeting, You Still Abuse My Servant; Kenya Have You Considered It If I Release My Wrath On Your Land? I Respect My Servant Prophet David Owuor; I Really Respect Him”. 

Later on after The LORD had spoken to us about all the personal matters and family messages and revelation, and also about Kenya, The LORD then asked us if we had any questions, and so I asked The LORD: My Master, You Have Been Showing Me About The Mega Earthquake Coming To California In The USA, Any Comment On The Same If Any? And The LORD responded: Yes My Servant Kevin, All The Dreams And The Revelations About This Are From Me. And In A Month’s Time, It Shall Be Known How Very Deep This Is


The above is all I’m allowed to share at this point I time; the rest of the bigger part of the conversation of The LORD was about direct messages and revelations to me by the LORD and also to my family members. There is a lot that the LORD spoke to me including His plans with me as His servant; these will become known to everyone very very very soon as The LORD will start to manifest Himself mightily.

Just to give you a hint for the glory and honour of The LORD, I asked The LORD: "Who Am I to you LORD?" And The LORD responded to me: “The Glory I Have Placed Upon You Is As A Prophet. I Have Called You In Pastoring, Not As A Church Pastor But As My Servant Whom I Have Impacted A Powerful Anointing To Preach My Word. I Have Blessed You With Wisdom And So You Are Full Of My Wisdom."  

There is more and more that The LORD revealed to me but it will come more clear very very very soon to all the corners of the earth.



Precious Jesus, 

I acknowledge today that you are LORD and savior of all mankind,

and today I have recognized my shortfall,

I repent and turn away from all sin. 

Please cover me with your precious blood,  

and establish your word in my life, 

that I may be found in righteousness and holiness 

and write my name in your book of life 

and baptize me with the power of the Holy Spirit 

in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. 


Shalom!!! Shalom!!! Shalom!!!

Kevin Mirasi



    Are you going to become a full time pastor like David Owuor?

    Are you 1 of the 2 witnesses? (Although I recall one of your posts being Elijah & Moses) Godbless

    1. The Bride each has mantles of apostles and prophets of old. They are a cloud of witnesses before the rapture, not the two witnesses from Heaven in the tribulation that causes the Jews to believe on Jesus. There will be prophets and apostles who rise up in the tribulation and the 144,000 as another cloud of witnesses, but they are not THE two witnesses.

  2. I live in California, just outside of San Francisco. Praise you my King Jesus for not allowing any fear to come upon me. I eagerly await all you have planned. I belong to you and you alone, use me however you wish in these last days. Thank you so much for Brother Kevin and I pray that you continue to bless him and work through him so that he can continue to be a blessing to us. I love you Jesus!!!!!!

  3. Lord Jesus , can you also consider me and visit me like our Brother Kevin. Kindly show your grace and mercy to backsliders . Anoint with your Holy Ghost Lord Jesus

  4. Amen wow thats so awsome the Lord came to you! What a special and blessed moment. Reading it makes me nervous that I'm not ready to meet the Lord. I wonder what the Lord meant by "in a months time it shall be known how very deep it is." concerning the California Earthquake. Thank you for having America in mind! God bless you brother please pray for me and I'll be highly anticipating what the Lord had to say. Continue to witness!

  5. Thank- you brother Kevin. So interesting too that Thanksgiving and Hanukkah are at the same time this year.
    Bless you

  6. Wow thank you for your special witness of the Savior and for letting the Lord give me strength to turn from my sins. Oh how I wish to know the Savior as you do! And I have His holy spirit so I will worship Him and sing His praises.

  7. Thank you for sharing this Pastor Kevin! I may have mention this before but I did get several dream from Lord. The first one I got from him back in 2002 has never left my head since. I admit that he visited you in your dream is making me jealous but I am blessed that you shared your experience seeing Jesus and talking to him. I have a question about Jesus, what does he look like? There are thousand of statue/ picture of Jesus but they all aren't look alike. Can you point to what he really look like?

    1. When I saw Jesus He never lets you see His face, it is shining bright like the sun. When I saw His garments it sparkles like millions of diamonds and jewels in His robe. He is very very holy, you feel intense love like you never felt before, and you feel the most beautiful feeling you can ever have. He emits an authority of all power, meaning you know that the devil has no power over Him. And you feel completely safe. The neat thing though is that Jesus still is humble and sweet even though He has these glaring eyes of fire that makes you completely convicted.

  8. Thank you Kevin for these words.

  9. Praise God, Kevin Mirasi! Please pray with and for me that the Lord will reveal my place and role in this hour. Thank you very much.

  10. So the earthquake is in about a month?

    1. I would also like to know if this is what was said?

    2. Yes, I am wondering if the month warning was for Kevin and his role with God, or for California. I do find it interesting I had a dream about Cisco Systems on 10/31 about being there in San Jose and telling the people to repent and stop worrying about the NSA because a mega mega mega quake was coming. And there were children there. I looked it up and the CEO was exactly the man I saw in my dream and they have an onsite child care facility. And two weeks from that dream they released their earnings today on 11/14 and they said the NSA is really bringing down their sales in China. That was a 2 weeks heads up to me.

  11. Thanks Kevin! Jesus sent an angel to me on 7/23/2013 to seal me here in Los Angeles. And then on 8/13/2013 Jesus visited me personally. I really thought I was going to die soon. I believe that Jesus is going to do something because in California they keep pushing the envelope with gay marriage, now on tv and radio they are pushing gay adoption and gay foster parenting, and now in January they want boys to be able to use girls bathrooms and sports changing rooms and vice versa in the schools. So if the adults won't protect the children in California, then God is going to have to step in. Had a dream two nights ago of children in California preparing for a harpazo event from the earthquake and the adults were standing around them trying to pervert them. I also had a dream two nights ago, that two women were speaking to me, walking with me around my neighborhood telling me to hurry and complete the things in my life that I did not have much time. I heard the word month or months. They would not be specific with me. I am glad for your visitation from the Lord that He followed up His meeting with me, by going to you. I believe you will walk in mighty mighty miracles between this California quake and the rapture. I prayed for God's protection of you that the economic collapse would not even bother you.

  12. Please remember that Jesus deals with us differently, just as you do with different people. The Holy Spirit speaks to me almost entirely through Rhema. I have recently been looking for answers on you tube and as a consequence, i wa spending more time on you tube than in the bible. This led me frustrated and confused, not knowing who to trust, etc. Out of the blue, I had a quick vision of a giant hand slamming the bible down in front of me. I knew thos was God telling me to get in HIS WORD. So I obey and openened right up to Timothy and in the verses, God says In short, "you can trust me" ... That felt so good, because I was asking him who can I trust on you tube and he leads me back home to him. JUST TRUST HIM!! Even if you don't think you are hearing him, you ARE. You are hearing him through this post, through people like Kevin etc. We can always go to the scriptures to see if the people we are listening to line up with what God tells us. Bottom line though, if you feel distant from your Savior, then you need more time in his word and as he always reminds me when i am digging for more and more answers, to "Be still and know I am God." God's way ps saying, calm down kids, I got your back. :-)
    He loves you, is that not enough?? So still, he has you and he loves you!

  13. I thank the LORD for giving strength to the Man of GOD Dr David Owuor to endure all these years and to give him Joy and Peace in his heart. O also pray this for you Brother Kevin and your family and household. May the LORD Bless you ad keep you and make His face shine upon you and give you Peace.....and strength to endure AMEN from Dr Linda in Minnesota USA

  14. Hi brother kevin,
    Praise be the name of The Lord for He has manifested Himself to you. I read the latest of your message of November 8th from yesterday and the Scripture he gave you Malachi 3:1, 6

    I have a question that I have not been able to get an answer for,

    And here is my question:

    "Is that scripture Malachi 3:1,and 6 related to that of the book of Revelation 11:3-14 and if Yes, where then is Moses? Or will Moses come at a later time? Because Scripture says their prophesy days is 42 months which is also 1,260 days.

    1. When will this prophesy start in sack cloth and ashes for 1,260 days?

    2. Prophet, Dr. Owuor has claimed to be the Elijah which I believe, according to the vision of The Lord God, so therefore will he be Prophesying with Elijah at a later time?

    B. Will all these be before the rapture?

    3. Ever since the days of Jesus, from the time He lived on earth, since Jesus showed His Glory to his 3 disciples on the High Mountain in Matthew 17:1-13. I understood that this Prophecy is dual which will be fulfilled now at this time, since Moses did not come then.

    3. Will Revelation 11:3-14 be fulfilled before the rapture? And will this (Prophet, Dr. Owuor David) be the same Elijah to prophesy with the Coming Moses for 1,260 days in sack cloth and ashes for 1,260 days?

    May The Lord be willing to answer these questions for me, Brother Kevin would you not want these questions answered too?

    God bless you

  15. I am so ready to leave this world. Life for me has left me broken hearted and disappointed and I just pray that he saves us soon. Within my struggle,I've learned my strengths and even though my spirit is weak from life's hardships,I will forever continue to wait for him. I'm always ready and sometimes that's disappointing also,but im ready for you soul screams and yearns deeply for your presence.Come Save Us............

  16. God bless you Mr. Kevin for your wisdom........

  17. Dear brother Kevin, I have translated in French the announcement of the coming Mega Earthquake in California but I hope I made no mistake about it, as english is not my native language. You said that on 8th november 2013, the Lord spoke to you about a "month time" for the Mega Earthquake to occur which should be 30 days later (in my understanding)... on 8th december or 9th december if we don't count the day you received the revelation. We are now on 9th december 2013 and for the moment, nothing happened (could still be in the coming hours)... I already have people jumping on me saying that you are a false prophet and so on... my question is : do I misunderstood what you wrote ? Is it about a 30 day period of time ? Please let me know because I don't want to mislead anybody by misinterpreting what you try to say. Blessings to you in Jesus name. Maranatha !

    1. Amen Brother Johnny,

      The LORD said: "And In A Month’s Time, It Shall Be Known How Very Deep This Is."

      That statement my mean many things; if The LORD clarifies it to me I will share.


    2. Obviously, I was wrong to assume it means a 30 day period of time... please forgive me on this brother. It could also mean not this month (during november) but in the time of the next month (which is during december). Had the Lord wanted to give a specific amount of days, He would have say : - in 29 days, 30 days, 31 days... but He didn't ! That's the BIG différence between a precise number of days and a "general timing"... Thank's for sharing if the Lord shows you anything regarding this. Blessings to you brother Kevin :)

  18. I have been struggling with my Christianity for a very long time.......years ago I had a dream about a blogspot post and I saw a name......I've been searching quite some time....I feel blessed to have finallly found you, as the Lord Himself directed me to a long time ago IN MY DREAM I SAW THESE WORDS ....


    I feel so blessed to have finally found you, as I am certain that I am not saved due to my refusal to repent of just one very tiny little sin.

    I'm too ashamed to tell you, but the Lord asjsured me that as soon as I found you that I was to study your words carefully, and then I must fully and completely repent!!!

    I feel so joyous now that I have found the truth the Lord was leading me to, thank you, so very much.

  19. Halelujah we Thank The Lord. Teach me How to have a pure heart so The LORD JESUS CHRIST can also visit me here in south africa. Amen.