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The prophesy that The LORD God Almighty, The LORD Jesus Christ and The Holy Spirit revealed to me on 1st July 2015 about a very massive (a major) hacking of Internet site(s) coming to the earth has shockingly been accurately fulfilled 4 days later on 5th July 2015.

This follows a major hacking of a major Global spy cyber security firm known as “Hacking Team”. “Hacking Team” normally hacks into private sites and provides the Government security agencies worldwide with vital information for security purposes. But come 5th July 2015, The Hacker became the hacked (“The hunter becoming the hunted”) when a very major hacking of the “Hacking Team” site occurred leading to the exposure of internal documents which even revealed the controversial activities of “The Hacking Team” as it became exposed that “The Hacking Team” has also been providing services to UN “blacklisted” countries. This major hacking of a major spy cyber security firm with global reach has thus caused a very significant global discomfort, especially regarding the hitherto secret “clandestine activities” that “Hacking Team” has been involved in, which have all now been exposed publicly.  

While posting and sharing the prophesy of The LORD 4 days earlier on 1st July 2015, I mentioned about “Primary Hackers” and “Secondary Hackers”. I also mentioned as well about some form of “bribe between the “Primary Hackers” and The “Secondary Hackers”.  I thus stated as follows when posting the prophesy of The LORD across: ‘“The hacking was so massive in this prophetic vision of The LORD to the extent that secondary hackers then “bribed” the Primary hackers who had undertaken the massive hacking to allow them too to access, grab and capture very vital information from the compromised (hacked) internet sites. In other words, the secondary hackers then paid the primary hackers to allow them too to get hold of these information from the hacked major sites. So I saw these secondary hackers transferring these “vital” information from the hacked sites onto their private databases that in the vision I was made to understand to be known as “storage”’. This is what the global news channels have shockingly reported as follows in fulfilling the words of The prophesy of The LORD as was posted and shared across 4 days earlier on 1st July 2015: ‘“On Sunday night, unidentified hackers published a massive, 400 gigabyte trove on bittorrent of internal documents from the Milan-based Hacking Team, a firm long accused of unethical sales of tools that help governments break into target computers and phones. The breached trove includes executive emails, customer invoices and even source code; the company’s twitter feed was hacked, controlled by the intruders for nearly 12 hours, and used to distribute samples of the company’s hacked files. The security community spent Sunday night picking through the spy firm’s innards and in some cases finding what appear to be new confirmations that Hacking Team sold digital intrusion tools to authoritarian regimes.”

The global news channels have also reported as follows in relation to another aspect of the “Primary hacker and the Secondary Hacker” phenomenal and the “Bribing” or “Payment” of the Primary Hacker by the Secondary Hacker as was revealed in the prophesy of The LORD 4 days earlier on 1st July 2015: ‘“Other documents show that Hacking Team issued an invoice to Ethiopia’s Information Network Security Agency (the spy agency of a country known to surveil and censor its journalists and political dissidents) for licensing its Remote Control System, a spyware tool. For Sudan, a country that’s the subject of a UN embargo, the documents show a $480,000 invoice to its National Intelligence and Security Services for the same software.”’

The prophesy of The LORD specifically also mentioned the social media like facebook and by extension Twitter of course. So while posting and sharing the prophesy of The LORD 4 days earlier on 1st July 2015, I also stated as follows: So in this vision I saw a very massive hacking take place against the internet (some major internet sites) including what I saw probably to be Facebook and other major sites.”  This is what has been reported as follows by the global news channels in fulfilling the words of the prophesy of The LORD: ‘“Hacking Team's Christian Pozzi was personally exposed by the incident, as the security engineer's password store from Firefox was published as part of the massive data dump. The passwords in the file are of poor quality, using a mix of easily guessed patterns or passwords that are commonly known to security engineers and criminal hackers. The websites indexed include social media (Live, Facebook, LinkedIn), financial (banks, PayPal), and network related (routers with default credentials). However, Pozzi wasn't the only one to have passwords leaked. Clients have had their passwords exposed as well, as several documents related to contracts and configurations have been circulating online. Unfortunately, the passwords that are circulating are just as bad as the ones observed in the Firefox file. It isn't known who hacked Hacking Team; however, the attackers have published a Torrent file with 400GB of internal documents, source code, and email communications to the public at large. In addition, the attackers have taken to Twitter, defacing the Hacking Team account with a new logo, biography, and published messages with images of the compromised data.”’

Furthermore the global news channels have also reported as follows in relation to this, in fulfilling the words of the prophesy of The LORD: ‘“The perpetrators of the apparent hack used the company’s own official Twitter feed (renamed to “Hacked Team”) to communicate. They continued to post to the feed for hours after, highlighting specific documents they claim come from the hack, such as emails, invoices, and even screenshots of Hacking Team employee’s computers, until the company regained control on Monday morning and removed the posts. One such tweet, which has since been removed, purports to show Hacking Team negotiating with a third-party reseller to export its malware to Nigeria. If the sale took place, it may have bypassed Italian export controls. Another is claimed to show the company debating what to do after an independent investigation from the University of Toronto attacked it for selling hacking tools to Ethiopia, which then used it to target journalists in the US and elsewhere.”’


(a)- A company that sells software allowing governments to hack into computers has itself been hacked, and files posted late Sunday indicate it sold surveillance technology to dozens of countries, including Sudan, Egypt, Russia and the U.S. The Italian company, Hacking Team, or HT S.r.l., is among a handful of companies that offer such surveillance tools to law enforcement around the world. The company’s techniques are similar to those used in “malware” by criminals trying to steal computer users’ personal information.”

(b)- ‘“The documents posted Sunday include invoices and ledgers that appear to record sales to Sudan, Azerbaijan and Egypt, among others. Officials from these countries couldn’t immediately be reached for comment. Hacking Team’s U.S. spokesman, Eric Rabe, said the company “is investigating” and that it doesn’t “confirm the identities of clients or their locations.” He didn’t respond directly to a question about the authenticity of the documents. “We consider this to be an illegal attack and theft and certainly a violation of law,” Mr. Rabe said. He also said that “with our systems under attack” the company has recommended that clients suspend investigations temporarily until the company can fully understand the exposure. The documents posted online on a New Zealand file-hosting service include what appears to be a 2012 invoice from Hacking Team to InfoTeCS JSC, a Russian computer-security company that on its website boasts of licenses from Russia’s Federal Security Service and Ministry of Defense to produce encryption and protect state secrets. InfoTeCS appeared to pay the bill. In November 2013, Hacking Team sent a document for a one-year renewal. InfoTeCS didn’t respond to a request for comment.”’

(c )- ‘“Other documents relate to possible sales to Sudan, which has been accused of torture and targeting political foes and has been under a United Nations arms embargo for the past decade. They include two 2012 invoices to Sudan’s National Intelligence and Security Services, and communications from the U.N. panel overseeing sanctions. In the letters, U.N. representatives say such software may be considered military equipment and thus prohibited. Hacking Team argues that its software isn’t a weapon or military equipment and thus not regulated by the embargo. In the letters, the company says it doesn’t have a relationship with Sudan, but declines to discuss past conduct. Mr. Rabe said that, in the past, Hacking Team “took the position that our software is not equivalent to fighter planes, rockets, or bombs.” Since January, he said, the company has been regulated by new international protocols for technology that can have both civil and military uses. The disclosed documents also appear to show sales to U.S. agencies. Hacking Team has an office in Annapolis, Md., to target North and South America. A “client overview list” shows sales of software licenses and maintenance from 2011 through 2015 to the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation and Drug Enforcement Administration totaling more than $1 million. In 2013, the DEA received a $170,000 bill for software renewal, an upgrade and “training in Bogota,” according to one file.”’

(d)- The Italy-based company offers security services to law enforcement and national security organisations. It offers legal offensive security services, using malware and vulnerabilities to gain access to target’s networks.”

(e)- ‘“Privacy groups have welcomed a rare chance to potentially look inside the workings of a cyber-surveillance company such as Hacking Team. Privacy International said in a statement that: “Yesterday’s leak of materials reportedly shows how Hacking Team assisted some of the world’s most repressive regimes - from Bahrain to Uzbekistan, Ethiopia to Sudan - to spy on their citizens. In the case of the freshly disemboweled Italian surveillance firm Hacking Team, the company may also serve as a dark example of a global surveillance industry that often sells to any government willing to pay, with little regard for that regime’s human rights record.”’

(f)- ‘“One document pulled from the breached files, for instance, appears to be a list of Hacking Team customers along with the length of their contracts. These customers include Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Egypt, Ethiopia, Kazakhstan, Morocco, Nigeria, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, and several United States agencies including the DEA, FBI and Department of Defense.”’

(g)-“Hacking Team’s newly exposed business practices call into question whether current regulations effectively prevent a private firm from selling hacking software to any government in the world. One written exchange between Hacking Team’s executives and UN officials shows the UN questioning Hacking Team’s sales to Sudan. A letter from the UN to the company references a March 2015 letter Hacking Team sent the UN, in which it argued that its spying tools didn’t count as a weapon, and so didn’t fall under the UN’s arms embargo. (The UN disagreed.) “Sudan is one of the most strictly embargoed countries in the world,” says Chris Soghoian, a privacy activist and lead technologist for the American Civil Liberties Union who first spotted the UN correspondence in the Hacking Team data dump. “If Hacking Team believes they can lawfully sell to Sudan, they believe they can sell to anyone.”’

(h)- ‘“Despite Hacking Team being based in Italy, the US Department of Commerce’s still-evolving export control regulations may still apply to the company, says the ACLU’s Chris Soghoian. He points to two firms he spotted in Hacking Team’s breached files who appeared to be reselling the company’s tools: Cyber Point International in Maryland and Horizon Global Group in California.”’

(i)- ‘“A controversial company that sells weaponized spyware has been penetrated by hackers who claim to have plundered more than 400GB worth of e-mails, source code, and other sensitive data—including invoices showing that the firm has done business in countries ruled by highly repressive governments. Italy-based Hacking Team has long denied selling to nations with poor human rights records. It instead markets itself as a supplier of customized software for law enforcement departments and government agencies in countries with good human rights records. Its spyware, company officials have said, helps crack down on criminals and terrorists. Over the weekend, unidentified people claimed to hack Hacking Group computers and social media accounts and to make off with documents contradicting that narrative. As proof, the hacktivists posted invoices purporting to show malware sales to groups in Egypt, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, and Uzbekistan. "Since we have nothing to hide, we're publishing all our e-mails, files, and source code," the hackers wrote in a tweet that included a BitTorrent link to the alleged trove of documents. The statement was posted to the official Hacking Team Twitter account, which the hackers said had also been compromised (the account handle was changed to "Hacked Team").”’

(j)- ‘“On Sunday, while most of Twitter was watching the Women's World Cup – an amazing game from start to finish – one of the world's most notorious security firms was being hacked. Specializing in surveillance technology, Hacking Team is now learning how it feels to have their internal matters exposed to the world, and privacy advocates are enjoying a bit of schadenfreude at their expense.”’

(k)- ‘“An invoice leaked with the Hacking Team cache shows that Ethiopia paid $1,000,000 Birr (ETB) for Hacking Team's Remote Control System, professional services, and communications equipment. Hacking Team currently has, based on internal documents leaked by the attackers on Sunday evening, customers in the following locations: Egypt, Ethiopia, Morocco, Nigeria, Sudan Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Honduras, Mexico, Panama, United States Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Mongolia, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand Uzbekistan, Vietnam, Australia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary Italy, Luxemburg, Poland, Russia, Spain, Switzerland, Bahrain, Oman Saudi Arabia, UAE.”’

(l)- ‘“Late Sunday evening, the Twitter account used by Hacking Team was defaced, and a link to a 400GB Torrent file was posted. The file contains a number of newsworthy items, particularly when it comes to the questionable business relationships between Hacking Team and nations that aren't known for their positive outlook on basic human rights. On Sunday evening, someone hijacked the Hacking Team account on Twitter and used it to announce that the company known for developing hacking tools was itself a victim of a devastating hack.”’

(m)- ‘“Italian surveillance-ware maker Hacking Team has been cracked, with a substantial 400 gigabytes of its internal data pillaged and leaked online, it appears. The plunder has been uploaded to BitTorrent in a mighty listing of directories, allegedly including audio recordings, emails, and source code. Hacking Team sells the Da Vinci malware surveillance software to law enforcement agencies, though it claims to only deal with ethical governments. It is marked as an Enemy of the Internet by activist outfit Reporters Without Borders. The unknown hackers also hijacked Hacking Team's Twitter account and, at the time of writing, are tweeting screenshots of emails stolen in the raid. The trove also allegedly reveals all Hacking Team customers and when they purchased the software.”’

(n)-“Another embarrassing revelation from the data leak was a list of credentials for Pozzi including for sites such as Facebook and PayPal. The passwords were of poor quality and often just a variation on the word "password". A list of porn sites visited by Pozzi on his work computer were also posted on Twitter by security expert Dan Tentler, who downloaded the files published by the hackers and then posted them.”’

(o)- ‘“Hacking Team, a company that helps police hack citizens, has been hacked itself. In a series of tweets from the company’s compromised Twitter account, the unknown hackers appear to have revealed embarrassing internal emails and a torrent with 400GB of internal files, source code, and communications.”’


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