Sunday, 8 May 2016


Canada has been having a “Monstrous” and Historic Wildfire that has hit a big chunk of Alberta, specifically Fort McMurray as from 1st May 2016. This fire has unfortunately led to destruction of Homes and Properties, and forced over 100,000 to flee for their lives.

The Global News channels have reported as follows regarding this very huge and shocking Wildfire: ‘“A wildfire ripping through Canada's oil sands region blazed for a seventh day on Sunday as officials warned almost 100,000 people who fled the area that they would not be returning home soon. The fire, which started at 6 p.m. eastern (2200 GMT) last Sunday near the town of Fort McMurray in northern Alberta, spread so quickly that the town's 88,000 inhabitants barely had time to leave. Large parts of the town no longer exist. The inferno looks set to become the costliest natural disaster in Canada's history. One analyst estimated insurance losses could exceed C$9 billion ($7 billion). Fort McMurray is the center of Canada's oil sands region. About half of the crude output from the sands, or one million barrels per day (bpd), had been taken offline as of Friday, according to a Reuters estimate. An Alberta government statement issued on Saturday night said the fire had consumed 200,000 hectares (494,000 acres) - an area the size of Mexico City - and would continue to grow.”’

This is a Wake-up Call of The LORD, to the People and the Nation of Canada to Run to the Feet of The LORD Jesus Christ in an explosive Repentance Revival. This is also a wake-up call to the Government of Canada to Open the Doors of the nation of Canada, for the End-Time Revival to take place in Canada.

Is it a “9/11” moment for Canada? I believe so, even though to a different perspective. Remember on 28th April 2016, The LORD showed me a similar Pattern formation of Identical Numbers for different Countries on my Websites’ Day Statistics. Canada had a 111, while USA had a 1111. I’m not a numerologist or the like, But I have come to understand through the help of The LORD, that the Number 11 (111, OR 1111) represents a Wake-Up Call (In the form of Birth Pain; the Distress of the Hour, Judgement of The LORD upon The Land as The LORD removes His Mighty Hand of Protection), a Need for a New Beginning (The need for a Repentance Revival in the Land, and in the life of Persons in their Individual Capacities), A need to Open the heart and Pay Attention to the Call of The LORD to Return to The LORD for Revival, Renewal, Restoration and Repentance in Preparing the way for the Kingdom of The LORD God Almighty in Heaven.

“9/11” is the "Infamous" September 11th, 2001 Terrorist attack on New York’s Twin Towers in The United States of America.

On 28th of April 2016, when I was sharing forth and explaining the “mysterious” Identical Number formation that had occurred on my Websites’ Day statistics, I stated as follows: ‘“So you see the Slide showing nations representing all the 4 corners of the Earth (all the Continents represented). It is furthermore interesting to note that U.S.A and her younger Sister Canada have a similar pattern formation. I believe The LORD is passing a message to the people and the nations of the earth, that something very Supernatural is about to happen Globally. The Supernatural is about to be manifested in the “Physical Realm”. So this is and will be a Wake-Up Call to the People and the nations of the Earth; a call to Pay Attention to God. So there are changes coming to the earth; Physical changes, Social changes, Geographical changes, Geological changes, Oceanic changes, Cosmic changes, Spiritual changes E.T.C, very shortly. This will also encompass a "Last-Lap" Great Revival coming to the earth (a Great Spiritual Awakening) to an escalated level, very shortly. There are and will also be Judgements of The LORD Coming upon the earth (Various nations of the Earth), very shortly. So Change is in the “Horizon” (Change is coming); Supernatural Changes that then manifests in the “Physical Realm”. The LORD is Now speaking to Nations through Signs and Wonders.”’

So, has The LORD started waking up Canada? Yes, He has Started. May the People and The Nation of Canada (Including the Canadian Government) Pay attention to the Call of The LORD to heed to Open their hearts to Repentance Revival, Restoration, Renewal and Refining in Preparing the Way for the Coming of The LORD Jesus Christ.

The LORD showed me a vision on 29th January 2016 (which I posted and Shared across), whereby: The LORD took me to the nation of Canada. While here, The LORD showed me that the people of Canada are very thirsty for the Pure Word of God. So, in the vision of The LORD, I kept on seeing written: “Canada, Canada, Canada”, then The LORD showed me this person in Canada, that He then made me know needs direction and guideline regarding the Word of God. The vision of The LORD then ended back then.

I also stated as follows back then on 29th January 2016 regarding the vision of The LORD: ‘“Whenever The LORD speaks in that way, He essentially is saying: “My Son, go over There to the nation of Canada and tell them to Prepare The Way for My Kingdom in Heaven, by embracing Repentance for the Forgiveness of Their sins and Thereby Walking in Righteousness, Holiness and returning to My Word as written in My Holy Book: The Bible”’.

So a Servant Messenger (A scribe) of The LORD from Canada, whom The LORD has raised to stand in the gap in Prayer and as a Scribe for the nation of Canada and beyond, has recently written to me a message from The LORD. It is very important to note that this same Servant of The LORD is the one I saw in the vision of The LORD of 29th January 2016, actually I was to visit the Place that this servant is coming from in Canada, as I saw in the Vision of The LORD. The Message that I recently received from this Servant of The LORD, which I believe and I know is true, for I have received Confirmation from The LORD on the same, is as Below. But even as you read it, I want to state that I was scheduled to travel to Canada late May 2016 for a Sacred Assembly of The LORD, but has encountered some “Technical Challenges & Obstacles”, which hopefully will be sorted out very soon. The LORD had His Servant Messenger (The Scribe of The LORD from Canada) write to the Office of The Canadian Prime Minister and Other Canada Government Officials in mid-April 2016 regarding the situation. It is also very important to note that in a recent vision of The LORD on 30th April 2016, The LORD showed me that He had Postponed (delayed) His Judgement upon the Earth for “5 Hours”. While still in the vision of The LORD shortly thereafter (at the end of the "5 Hours"), I saw people hit in a distress of the hour, and I saw hospitals packed with people who had gone to seek medical attention. I don’t know what “5 Hours” Postponement of Judgment of The LORD means, ONLY Him (The LORD) knows Precisely what that means.

So below are the Messages of The LORD to Canada (Via His Servant Messenger Scribe, based in Canada), which the Scribe of The LORD has sent to me, but has also sent them to the top Government officials and elected leaders in Canada, as well as shared them and posted them across:


“Prophet Kevin, You won't believe what's happening in Canada...Alberta has huge wildfires going on's the province that you first wanted to visit.”

The Scribe of The LORD (Based in Canada) Continued as below:

‘“So I prayed, “Oh Jesus, why is this happening?” And He replied, “Because they don’t want to let My Prophet to come there. I’ll show them who I Am. I hate to do this, but I must – if I must – then I must, I want to save souls from the Hell fire – but they don’t want to let My Servant come to their Country – which is really My Country, because I own the Whole World – I Am really the Rightful Owner – but anyways, they’re not granting him permission to come – and they haven’t responded to your requests for these Revival Services – the bookings. So the 22nd has come and gone, the 29th has come and gone, and so now – I can take action. It’s been a few days since I gave My Mercy for the Planet X Flyby – but I will judge Canada now – because She humbled Herself not – unto Me. I will show Her how hot Hell can look like – when I engulf a whole town – surely She must know it’s not a ‘natural’ – it’s Me – Supernatural. So, I beg you Canada – please allow My Servant to come and speak to your People, to My People about Revival – about saving your soul from the flame of the Eternal Fire – from the Pit of Hell. Surely – you must see how damaging this fire is – all that expense, all that inconvenience – it didn’t need to be. So, Canada, please wake up – please wake up to My Call to you. Please allow My Services to go on as I had planned them to – please – lest more of your land and property burns up, thus says the Lord God Almighty. For I Am The Lord God of All. Amen. Amen. Amen. Please show Me that you care about your People.”’


‘“The fires will continue until the people step up and do whatever it is that I want them to do. I want to send a Revival in Canada – to the People of Canada. I want to save souls for Heaven – that’s what’s important to me. Yes – I care about People’s homes, yes – I care about their livelihoods. But, first and foremost, I care about their souls. For their souls are eternal – and homes here – are not. Life here on Earth is temporary – you are but just a passing through here – through there. But – Eternal Life - is exactly that – it’s eternal. So I need to make sure People have a last chance to choose the right one – because – for many – it will come soon enough. Planet X is coming – now – already I’ve told you that.  And the Government Officials – they know that too. But yet – they are keeping it hidden – it secret – it secured ‘under wraps’ sort of speak, from the people.  Some people know – but – not all – not across the board. And that is not fair – that is not right. For they know that this devastation is surely coming – and they warn their people not. Now – is that right? They see a huge big freight train – soon to come on barrelling through their town, through their country – and they warn their nation not. Now – how righteous is that?  Or is it not? For I say – it is not correct what they, Canada, is doing.  She MUST warn the people – She must tell them all of the soon and real and coming danger, of danger to Canada – and to all the world – damage to the whole world. The economy will fall – surely it will fall – of course it will fall – and never to recover again.  For the end of days are here – they are among us now. It is time for the Son of God to reveal Himself to the world – and that – this will happen really, really soon. I will reveal Myself to the whole wide world really soon. Soon I will be arriving ‘in the flesh’ so to say – to the whole world – so they can visually see Me in the clouds. I will come with all My Hosts of Angels – from My Glory on High – and We will shine brightly in the Heavens. It will be so spectacular. But – before I come – I want to show the world – My free gift of salvation – My free, free gift – of saving your soul out of Hell – out of the deep Pit of Hell. Hell is in the centre of the earth – it’s in the deep core of the earth – and there’s cries and screams all around.  It’s hot, so pure hot – that you can’t even imagine. Now – about the fire in Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada – yes – I started that fire. Yes, I, The Lord God Almighty started that fire with a lighting strike, high above the city – for I want to show the world My Power. No – I am not mean.  I am Love.  Love?  You will say – starting a fire is love? But I say – this fire – you can escape out of – and many did – everyone did (Meaning everyone that wanted to).Yes – it was frightening, Yes – it was surreal, Yes – it was unnerving, Yes – it was traumatic, Yes – and yes and yes and to even more things – yes. But I say – lest you got out. But – if you end up in the Fire of Hell – in the Pit of Hell – out – you will not go. You will be stuck forever more.  Now – that’s so traumatic – that you can’t even imagine. And now – I want to spare everyone in Canada that Hell.  Now – I know that My Children will not be going there – to Hell – those that are obedient to Me. But, all those souls, those people, that accept Me not, into their hearts, as their Saviour – will not be allowed entry into My Heavenly Kingdom. They will not be – they will gain no access there. You MUST receive Jesus Christ into your heart, like ask Him in, with just a simple prayer, so that I can rescue you from all of your sins, so that I can cleanse, so that I can wash away all of your sins, with My Precious Blood that was already shed for you, for each person in the whole world.  But you just need to claim it. So, that’s why, I am asking the Government of Canada – to please tell people about Planet X – so that they can be informed – so that they have TIME to assign their soul, their spirits, their ‘forever’ part of them – to Me – Jesus Christ – The Saviour of the World. For if they don’t – and if people don’t do that, if they don’t accept Me – Jesus, into their hearts, into their lives, then I won’t be able to take them into My Heavenly Kingdom, to reign and live with Me forever There. This life on Planet Earth is soon ending. After the taking up of My People, of My Bride, of My ‘Church,’ then life will become super difficult for all of those that are left behind. So, please do everything you can to be included in the ‘catching away,’ in the ‘taking up,’ or otherwise known by many – as the Rapture of The Bride of Christ – it literally means – that people that love Me – Jesus Christ – with all of their hearts, minds and souls, and that trust Me as their Saviour – and that are ready to start their forever life with Me – Jesus Christ – in Heaven – will get ‘evacuated’ if you will – to Heaven – to the real and most beautiful country ever.  It is so absolutely gorgeous – that there are no true earthly words to fully describe it all. There are no fires in Heaven.  There are no disasters – not ever – no wildfires – no forest fires – no fires.  Your home, your Heavenly Home, the one that I will give to you – will never ever burn to the ground – it will always be and be there for you, day in and day out. There is food galore Here – no shortage of any kinds. The temperature is just right – not too hot and not too cold.  No windstorms, no clouds, no solar flares, no heat problems of any kind. I understand that the victims of this fire, the evacuees, are extremely hurt, confused, traumatized. But it is not their fault. It’s the fault of the government – they responded not to My call of Revival – Revival in the land of Canada. So if I said Revival will come – then Revival will come. If they listen not – then I will judge – and I will judge hard. Do not be like Pharaoh – let My People go – meaning let Revival come. The people of Canada are desperate for the True Word of God. They want to know more about the God that created Heaven and Earth. They are ready for Me – they want Me - so why are you not allowing them to learn more about Me? What is so hard about making a booking and advertising it – and letting the people decide for themselves – who wants to come and who doesn’t? Eternity is forever. So, please, I beg of you, please just allow My Prophet to come and speak to the people. I’ll open the doors of Heaven and rain will come and blow the fire out. Do you not think that I can do that? That’s what I did with the Okanagan Fire – I surely did – I blew that fire out. And now – I can do the same with this. But just so you know – if – whoever does not accept Me – Jesus Christ, as their Saviour – will surely live in the eternal Hell fire flame – in Hell. So, please, Dear Government of Canada, Dear Elected Officials – please do tell all of your people – about the real and coming danger of the hell fire of Planet X – the destruction will be so huge – and those not trusting in Me – will face devastation. So they need to be prepared. They need this chance to assign their soul to me, Jesus Christ, in the ‘peaceful time,’ per se, now – I know – the fire is not peaceful – but I mean, life in Canada, is peaceful now – technically speaking. So, please, I beg of you, please just allow My Prophet to come and speak to the people. I’ll open the doors of Heaven and rain will come and blow the fire out. Do you not think that I can do that? That’s what I did with the Okanagan Fire – I surely did – I blew that fire out. And now – I can do the same with this. If you listen to Me not – after this judgement – and this pleading – My call out to you- I shall increase the fire ten fold – for fire in Hell – is eternal. And I want to save souls. So, please Canada, I beg of you – do not frustrate your people – do not exasperate them. They are already suffering so needlessly – this didn’t need to be. Remember – I said that – this didn’t need to happen. If you would have made the booking – everything would have been fine now – with people still living in their homes – their original homes - would still be standing. But - many are so displaced – their lives forever turned upside down here, lest I come for them and take them with me at the Rapture – should they ask Me to do that for them. So Dear Canada, I love you. You are a Dear Friend to My Holy Nation of Israel – please do not be stubborn about this – My request to you. I know – I have not asked this of you earlier. But I am using My Servant Child to get this message out to you – in this late hour – before the Rapture – the taking up of My Church – and I want to save all of Canada. And this is how I want to start the Revival in this great land of Mine – Your Canada – My Friend. Shalom. Peace to you Canada. Please be Mine. Please stay My Friend, My good, good Friend. I love you. Please respect My stern warning, reprimand, to you, if you wish to call it that – but really – it is not – it’s a judgement for disobeying My gentle requests for coordinating, organizing the bookings of My Services. If you do not listen, worse will come. But – I trust you will this time – because the nation will see this message – to you now. God bless – pray – repent – and call unto Me – for I love you so – and great is My Reward, should you wish to give Me your heart. A Home in Heaven – a ‘forever’ Home in Heaven – where ‘no-one’ is displaced – and everyone ‘is placed’ according to My Will – in Me. I love you. See you on the other side – soon.


Jesus Christ,

The Saviour of the World – and The Bright and Morning Star – The Comforter, The Healer, and The Provider – of a broken heart. For I hear all of your prayers during this difficult for you – time – and so I write this love letter to you. Cheer up – redemption is coming. I love you.”’



BARUCH HASHEM ADONAI (Blessed Be the Name of The LORD).


1-Chicago Tribune

Headline: Massive Alberta wildfire could double in size, expected to burn for months


Headline: Canada fire rages for seventh day, evacuees brace for long wait


Headline: Canada wildfire: Alberta blaze threatens neighbouring province



Precious Jesus,

I acknowledge today that you are LORD and Savior of all mankind,

and today I have recognized my shortfall,

I Repent and turn away from all Sin.

Please cover me with your Precious Blood,

and establish your Word in my life,

that I may be found in Righteousness and Holiness

and write my name in your Book of Life

and baptize me with the power of the Holy Spirit

in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.


Your Brother in Christ and a Shepherd of The LORD,

Kevin Mirasi


  1. Prayers for the people of Canada and for the other communities and states experiencing the distreses of the hour before the coming of the Son of Man, Lord Jesus Christ. May people around the world wake up and accept Jesus as their Savior as time is fast approaching before the gates of Mercy close. Acts 2:18-20
    18 Even on my servants, both men and women,
    I will pour out my Spirit in those days,
    and they will prophesy.
    19 I will show wonders in the heavens above
    and signs on the earth below,
    blood and fire and billows of smoke.
    20 The sun will be turned to darkness
    and the moon to blood
    before the coming of the great and glorious day of the Lord.

  2. Alot of maritimers were out in alberta (fort Mac) while the families were home. Alot of Maritimers are chrisitans,down to earth people. Most maritimers who left to work in fort Mac are backsliders,once knowing God, I believe the Lord can use this terrible tradegy to bring these maritimers back.back to him . Alot of canadians are wishywashy, they will not speak up in public about what is wrong and what is right. They are sleeping. Pray for God to wake the slumbering Giant ,some of us have awoken some are still asleep. The Lord told me in a dream 3 times there are castrophic events coming. I seen the waters on the coast draining almost to nothing and strange prehistoric creatures in it. then the Lord showed me a wall of water on each side with people walking down the middle. to my horror people were too close to the edge and these prehistoric creatures were plucking them by the wall of water. I seen flooding and terrible things.its time to wakeup.