Saturday, 31 December 2016


As we Cross Over to the Year 2017; Always Watch and Be on The Alert: Nobody knows The Day or The Hour of The Rapture of The Bride of Christ except The LORD God Almighty. But we are Currently in The Season of His Coming; One Cannot Demarcate this Particular Season, in terms of Days, Months E.T.C. It will Happen at The Perfect Timing of The LORD.

In 2017 onwards, Watch Israel with a Wider Spiritual Hind-set, as Israel (Including The Land of Israel) Becomes More and More an International Debate and Contestation, like Never before. “Peace!! Peace!! Peace Accord!!!” Clarion Call will be enhanced and escalated.

In 2017 onwards, Watch The United States of America very keenly; for her Day of Reckoning Shall Have Arrived. Watch The Oceans, Watch California (and the Vast Swaths of West Coast), Watch New York City (and the Vast Swaths of East Coast): Mega Tsunamis, Mega Earthquakes, Mega Events.

In 2017 onwards, as The United States of America “Transitions”, Barack Obama is going Nowhere, whether he is On the Seat or Not as The President of The United States of America. His influence shall have just begun. Already he is putting in Place “Seal-proof” Decisions as he “Winds” towards 20th January 2017; to try to safeguard his “Legacy”. Meaning that Obamaism (The Polices and the Plans of Barack Obama) are set to Continue.

In 2017 onwards, More Chaos and Divisions (Racial, Spiritual and Ideological) will be Upon The Land, especially in The United States of America, and indeed other Nations of the earth. In the Midst of these, those who Trust and Hope in The LORD will be like an Oasis of Peace and Tranquility; For The LORD will Shield them and Protect them.

In 2017 onwards, Watch as Russia (He of The Magog) Becomes More and More Influential. As The Bear fattens and grows in Strength and Spreads his Territorial Boundaries. The Bear has awakened from his very deep slumber (of the Winter; of The Cold War). There will eventually Be a head to head clash between the Bear (Russia) and The Eagle (The United States of America). The Bear is matching towards The Eagle.

In 2017 onwards, more Sieving will take Place in The House of The LORD (The Church); as Separation Between The True Church and The Fallen Church Continues to take Place. As this will happen, the Latter Rain of Revival of The Holy Spirit Will Continue to take Place.

In 2017 onwards, Financial and Economic Crisis will take a deeper root. Banking Turmoil, Financial (Stock) Market Turbulence in Leading Financial Markets, and indeed a Global Strain therein. Oil Prices will also eventually Rise to “Catastrophic” Levels, as Cooking Gas will also eventually Run out of Supply in Some Places.

In 2017 Onwards, more Terrorism activities will take root in The United States of America, Europe and all other parts of the earth. This eventually will lead to a Clarion Call for more Security Measures to be taken. The Mark of The Beast (R.F.I.D Micro-Chip) for Identification, “a Unique Identifier” will thus be on The Decision Table.

All in All, I Wish You All a very Happy and a Prosperous New Year 2017, Full of Wisdom of God, in The Presence of The LORD. In 2017 Read your Bible, be Prayerful and endevour to Worship & Praise The LORD.



Your Brother in Christ Jesus, and a Shepherd of The LORD,

Kevin Mirasi


  1. Dear brother Kevin, thanks once again for the post. I had been searching word of God two days back and asking HIM to let me know what would happen to the world. Once I opened my Bible I found Ezekiel and the headline was "the future suffering of Jerusalem". its in Ezekiel 4, starting from verse 22. Also I sensed the word Jeremiah 7:34 which prophesy against coming destruction to Israel. I do not know this will take place in 2017 but obviously Israel will be one of the topics in newspaper. Israel is going to celebrate its jubilee in 2017 for reunification of Jerusalem. I heard from one prophet of God that this jubilee will be the last jubilee for Israel and Jesus will return to earth by next jubilee. So let's keep our eyes and pray for Israel. Happy new year.

  2. Prayers Warriors

    With Healing In His Wings,
    With Healing In His Wings,
    The Son Of Righteousness Shall Arise!
    With Healing ln His Wings!
    (Malachi 4:2)

    In Order That [We] Might Known Him,
    In Order That [We] Might Known Him,
    And The Power Of His Resurrection,
    [We] Forget What Lies Behind.


    [ We], Run, Run, Towards the Goal
    In Order That [We] Might Obtain The Prize;

    The Prize Of The Upward Call
    The Call Of God in Messiah ,
    In Messiah, King Yeshua HaMashiach/Jesus!.
    (Philippians 3:10; 13,14)

    In First John 3:1-3,5,
    1st John 4:15,16(below)

    In Messiah Yeshua/Jesus!
    Behold, What Manner Of Love Our Father
    Has Bestowed Upon Us;
    That We Should be Called The Sons Of God.

    Beloved, That ls What We Are,
    It Has Not been Made Clear What We Shall Become;
    For We Know That When He Shall Appear,
    We Shall See Him As He Is.

    And Every Man That Has His Hope ln Him
    Purifies Himself As Messiah Is Pure;
    And Ye Know That He Was Manifested,
    To Take Away Our Sins.

    And ln Him ls No Sin!

    Whoever Confess Yeshua/Jesus As LORD
    God Dwelleth In Him, And He In God;
    And Now We Know And Believe The Love
    That God Has For Us.

    God ls Love...
    God ls Love...
    God ls Love. ....


  3. Blessings! Prophet Blessings!!

    Prayers Warriors!

    "All The Values Of Life Within Us
    Belong ONLY For The Full
    Expressive Nature Of The LORD"

    Let Us Give Him Glory! .

    Psalm 128

    How Blessed Is Anyone Who Fears The YAH/LORD;
    How Blessed Is Anyone Who Walks In His Ways;
    When You Eat Of The Fruit Of Your Hands,
    You Will Be Happy, And It Be Well With You.

    Your Wife Is like A Fruitful Vine, Within Your House,
    Your Children Like Olive Plants Around Your Table.
    Behold, For So Shall The Man Be Blessed
    Who fears YAH!

    YAH/LORD Blesses You From Tzion(Jerusalem).

    Repent You! Repent Me!! Repent All!!

  4. AN ARTICLE (Queen Elizabeth Placed Under ‘House Arrest’ After Christmas Message
    December 26, 2016 Report1)

     "Queen Elizabeth was placed under house arrest after a revealing Christmas message speech to the nation

     Queen Elizabeth has been placed under “house arrest” by the Royal Family and has not been allowed to appear in public after attempting to expose a global network of “the darkest forces” during the recording of her 2016 Christmas Message, a BBC insider claims.

     Clearly troubled, the Queen listed names of establishment figures who are guilty of “the most heinous crimes against our most vulnerable, our children.” The Queen asked for forgiveness for not exposing them sooner, and asked her subjects to understand that the Royal Family simply did what was necessary to ensure it’s own survival.

     Senior BBC production staff and palace advisors scrambled to cancel the take, but not before the Queen expressed dark fears that 2017 will be - A “year of slaughter the likes of which we haven’t seen since World War 2“, because malevolent forces, the global elite, are set upon war to achieve their goals.

     BBC staff stunned

     The Christmas Message take was canceled at this point, the insider says, and BBC production staff were urgently addressed by the director. He said he had been warned by BBC executives that the Head of State had been “shooting her mouth off a lot lately” and that “we must all delete from our memories everything we just heard and get on with it.”

     “He said there wasn’t going to be a scandal on his watch.”

     Senior Palace staff contacted Prince Charles and the heir to the throne said he would “solve the problem.” It is understood that solving the problem involved placing Queen Elizabeth under Royal “house arrest”, in effect banning her from public appearances until she can be trusted not to speak openly again.

     Elizabeth’s heirs place her under ‘house arrest’

     Hours later, after lunch, the word on the production set was that Queen Elizabeth would comply and record a “clean” second take of the Christmas Message.

     Since the recording of the speech, Queen Elizabeth has been absent from all her traditional public appearances, citing “a cold.”

     In the United Kingdom and on the Internet, broadcast of the Queen’s Christmas message is embargoed until 3:00 PM GMT on Christmas Day. In other parts of the Commonwealth, the message is first broadcast in New Zealand at 6:50 PM local time by Television New Zealand, in Australia by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation at 7:20 PM local time, and in Canada by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation at 10 AM Eastern Standard Time, which is the same as 3:00 PM GMT."

  5. (?)
    "obama Plans New Year War With Russia Within 20 Days
     The elites who control America are going all out on a plan to start a war with Russia and stonewall Donald Trump before he takes office in January.

     The U.S. establishment is still in shock that D.Trump is the new president-elect and are desperately trying to curtail his efforts to be civil with Russia.

     Washington warmongers were on a war footing even before Trump ran for high office and have now less than three weeks to start World War 3 with Russia before the president-elect is sworn in.

     The unsubstantiated claim that Russia is guilty of carrying out a cyber attack on the U.S. and succeeding in influencing the election in favour of Trump is not just fake propaganda, but insanity.

     Dozens of Russian diplomats were told to leave the U.S. today, but President Putin of Russia decided not to retaliate dramatically against the U.S. sanctions.

     Donald Trump has commented on the “ridiculous” claims and sanctions, saying it is “time to move on.”

     But he might not be able to if war is declared before he is sworn in.

     The business of war is profitable for a very few people but costly to a great many.

     Unless Trump is in on the act, expect the unexpected in the next 20 days.

     From

     Washington Warmongers Make 11th Hour Attempt To Start a War With Russia
     In the final days of obama’s presidency, the warmongers in Washington, DC are on causing as much chaos as possible. If they don’t manage to start a war with Russia before Donald Trump is sworn in, it won’t be for lack of trying."

    1. Maybe assassination of Donald Trump ?

      God will not allow World War III. WW3 still going..

      banks, media, businesses, TV, PC, mobile, internet - dead people communicate (social networks ..) profit from the sick, the dead human relationships, no child in the family, no job in the family .. only fear!

      people are afraid, this is a real war live !!! WW3 does not need weapons.

      Open your eyes !


    2. Hi,
      Information from The Alex Jones Channel? "YouTube"
      This channel promotes war, coup.. only fear !?

    3. That's true,... we are already deeply in spiritual and physical war, ...especially for past 5 years. There is no peace, nowhere. The battle field is large...Heavenly Host vs dark host.

    4. Well, the above information is on official news channels everywhere. That is not a "conspiracy".

  6. Last night I had a dream of the rapture. I just looked and all was gone a few people I no even a couple family members that are true Christian was standing with me I immediately awoke can u help me understand this

    1. You will have too repent.. still your family in this dream ?
      So end is so close 1- 2 years maybe 3 .. after God season. Time is irrelevant.. we live right now Last generation, last season, last times with the new 1000 years Jesus kingdom on the Earth.

      Time is so close.. i think so only little 1 % people's will rescued.