Thursday, 23 March 2017


Centralize The Messiah (The LORD) Jesus Christ in Everything: in your Going and in your Coming. In your Waking and in your Sleeping. In your Eating and in your Fasting. In your Quietness and in your Busy-ness. In your Solemnness and in your Celebration. In your Planting and in your Harvesting. In your Schooling and in your Working. In your Praise and in your Worship. In your Ministry and in your Fellowship.

Yes Indeed, Centralize The LORD God Almighty, The Messiah Jesus Christ and The Holy Spirit--------in All and in Everything; and It Shall Be Well with you; Now and Forever More.


Your Brother in Christ Jesus, and a Shepherd of The LORD,

Kevin Mirasi


  1. Typical that an engineer on a public works job requires you to write a novel describing work that you do everyday. It makes about as much sense as being overly concerned with safety measures preventing you from falling into a pit that you've just dug, although you would just think that it goes without saying. But I guess if they can justify the murder of unborn babies, maybe all that other stuff would make sense too. Jeremiah 22:17, could that be referring to such people?

  2. Amen! Amen!! Amen!!!

    I Am A Witness To The Amazing Things,
    Our Lord Our Saviour Could Do!
    I Am A Witness.

    O Lord, Our God l Will declare Your Kindness,
    To My Fellow Brethren,
    ln Their Mist l Will Praise YOU!
    For Your Kindness, And Your Love.

    My Spirit Exalted The LORD
    And My Soul Rejoices In God My Savior,
    For Who Is Mighty Has Done Great Things,
    His Praise Is For Ever And Ever!

    Prayer Warriors! The Awaken Heart!!

    King Yeshua/Jesus Lovingkindness,
    ls Over Those Who Fear Him
    ls Lovingkindness ls Better Than Life.
    Let Our Spirit Rejoice In Him.

    For Who Is Mighty Has Done Great Things,
    He Will Do Great And Mighty Things
    To Each One Of Us.
    Believe, Reach Out To Claim It.

    Have Faith, Reach Out To Claim lt.
    ln The Name Of King Yeshua/Jesus.
    But We Must BeTrue And Faithful
    To Our Lord Our God.

    Let Us Repent,
    Let Turn Our Back To Sin And Evil,
    To All Perversity,
    To All Uncleaness And Unrighteousness.

    He Us Worthy Of Honor And Glory!

    Let Us Sing Of His Mercy,
    Let Us Sing Of His His Goodness,
    Let Us Sing Of His Power,
    Let Us Sing Of His Love.

    For Ever And Ever(L'olam Va'ed)

    His ls Faithful
    He IsTrue.
    He Is Righteousness.
    All Authority Has Been Given To Him.

    To Our Glorious King His Majestic,
    King Yeshua HaMashiach/Jesus
    Is His Name.
    The Name Above All Names.

    Call On His Name,
    You Will See Miracles In Your Life.

  3. Prayer Warriors! The Awaken Heart!

    Our Lord King Yeshua/Jesus
    Is Faithful,
    We In turn Must Be Faithful
    To Our LORD Our God.

    For Every Problem Lets Take It To Our LORD
    Let The Lord Be Our Defense Don't Be Moved
    Wait Silently, Wait On The Lord.
    The One Is Mighty Will Do Great Things.
    Don't Be Moved.

    Let's Every Crooked Place Make Straight,
    Let Us Look Within,
    Are We Living A Life Worthy Of Heavens?
    Our Lord Is Faithful And True
    Are We Faithful And True?

    The Word Of The Lord Will Stand For Ever.
    The Counsel Of His Heart Is From Age To Age
    The Lord Reign In Righteousness.
    And We Must Be Righteous.

    Only The Repentant And Righteous
    Will See The Glory Of The Lord

    Awaken Heart!

    Do You Hear The Angels Singing,
    Do You Know The Joyful Sound....
    All The Heavens Are Preparing
    For The Marriage Supper Of The Lamb.

    The Spirit And The Bride Is Calling You "Come",
    The Spirit And Bride ls Calling Me "Come",
    Let Him Who Is Thirsts, Let Him Come
    And Drink The Water Of Life.

    Are You Ready To Enter The Eden Of Glory(The New Jerusalem?)

  4. Dear heavenly father please help me to make you the centre of my life and please help me to keep running this race. Cleanse my heart, mind, body and soul, wash me clean in your precious blood and make me as white as snow in Jesus name I pray, amen.