Monday, 6 August 2012

Prophesies That The LORD Has Given Me And Have Been Accurately Fulfilled As At 6th August 2012


1-Prophetic Dream on 1st August 2012 Where I Saw Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu In A Negotiation Which Eventually Failed Leading To A War With A Conglomeration of Nations.

First part of this Prophetic dream has been fulfilled when Israel Prime Minister made very astonishing remarks indicating that peaceful process is all but failed and that its now time to be on the war footing.   
During the same time Iranian President on 2nd August 2012 made a speech which was posted in his website calling for the world forces to annihilate Israel. This is the second time President Ahmedinejad had made such a call. The first one being in 2005 

2-Prophetic Dream on 30th July 2012 Where I Was Shown That The Nation of China Is Now Being Called Upon To Prepare The Way For The Very Imminently Coming of The Messiah Jesus Christ.

Less than 48 hours after the prophetic dream was given, an earthquake hit China which in essence is a wakeup call to the people and the nation of China to heed to the call to Repentance.

3-A Prophetic Dream on 16th June 2012 of an Earthquake to Hit Indian Ocean near Mombasa, Kenya culminating into a Tsunami

2 Days later an earthquake hit South Indian Ocean a couple of miles from Mombasa, Kenya.
This must be a warning of a bigger earthquake and tsunami to very soon hit that side of the world.

4-Prophetic Dream on 25th May 2012 of a massive and a raging Tropical Storm (Tropical Storm Beryl, USA)

Fulfilled 2 days later in the states of Georgia, South Carolina and Florida in the USA

5-A Prophetic Dream on 18th May 2012 Where I saw Police Countering Riots in What I was shown To Be a new Police State

Accurately Fulfilled 2 days later when there was massive riots in Chicago, USA during the NATO Summit and G8 meeting. And heavy police deployed to counter the riots. Following the riots Chicago state was eventually declared a police state by the Chicago mayor.

6-A Prophetic Dream on 17th March 2012 of a huge bright Meteor over the skies of New Zealand.

This was fulfilled 15 days later after the prophetic dream.

7-A Prophetic Dream on 16th February 2012 Where I Saw a Massive, Intensive and a Sudden Solar Flare Hit The Earth and a Voice Said “Repent!!! Repent!!! The LORD is Imminently Coming!!!”

This was fulfilled 19 later when what was reported to be the biggest Solar flare/storm in years hit the earth. Infact NASA reported that it was the largest emission of gamma rays onto the earth in recorded history.

8-A Prophetic Dream on 27th January 2012 Where I Heard a Voice say “Behold the Two Witnesses!!! And I also Saw Written: The Two Witnesses”

The manifestation towards this started becoming a reality when a couple of weeks later the LORD instructed a servant of His (Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj) to look for a house in Israel where the two witnesses would be staying.

9-A Prophetic Dream on 16th January 2012 Where I Heard a Message Being Passed to South Africa to Prepare The Way for the Imminent Arrival of The LORD Jesus Christ

This started manifesting itself when a month later on 13th February 2012, a sister from South Africa (Sister Antoinette Ellis) was instructed by the Holy Spirit to share the dream with all she can in South Africa because the LORD told her that this prophetic dream was from Him.

I don’t know what would be the consequences of South Africa heeding to or not heeding to the call to repentance but I believe it would involve massive revivals and/or Judgments of the LORD.

10-A Prophetic dream on 3rd April 2012 about a False Rapture Orchestrated by Satan in what I was shown to be known as “a Blue Beam Rapture”

16 days after this prophetic dream it was reported in the global news channels, the hologram which will be used to orchestrate the false rapture being tested and used to “bring back to life” Tupac Shakur the long dead musician, with a promise by the perpetrators that they will also “bring back to life” religious figures. This has not been completely fulfilled but the infrastructure for the full blown fulfillment of this is already set and was tested and brought to the world attention 16 days after the supernatural dream (vision of the night). 

11-Prophesy of the Anti-Christ/The man of Lawlessness/The son of Perdition/The Beast

This has been revealed to me 10 times. And its a prophesy that is slowly by slowly taking shape. And its full manifestation will be after the rapture of the bride of christ, when the devil will use the Anti-Christ to entrench the mark of the beast and to use the Anti-christ to run the world affairs.

-Barack Obama

B.    PROPHETIC DREAMS WHICH ARE YET TO BE FULFILLED AS AT 6TH AUGUST 2012 (These Will Definitely Be Fulfilled very very very soon with some happening post rapture i.e. During the Great Tribulation Period)

1- A Prophetic Dream on 16th July 2012 where I Was Shown That the Illuminati (An Evil Secret Society) Is To Hold an Evil Event towards the End of the Year 2012

2-A Prophetic Dream on 14th July 2012 Where I Saw an Object Fall from the Sky and Hit the Earth Causing Huge Explosions and Shakings of Buildings Culminating into Fire

3-A Prophetic Dream on 9th July 2012 Where I Was Shown That the United States of America Will Be No More!!! In A Couple of Very Few Months

4- A Prophetic Dream on 29th May 2012 Where I Was Shown a Series of Earthquakes Imminently Going to Hit California, USA: a 5.7, and Then a 7.5 and Finally a 9 or 10 on the Richter scale

5-A Prophetic Dream on 11th May 2012 Where I was Shown that The Current Massive and Historical Flooding Worldwide is A Precursor to Major Natural Calamities and Disasters (Sudden Destructions).

6-A Prophetic Dream on 12th April 2012 Where I Saw a Huge Shinning Object in the Sky That I Thought Was A “Second Sun” But Which Later Turned Out To Be an Explosive Object (A Nuclear/Bomb Missile)

7-A Prophetic Dream on 8th April 2012 Where I was Flashbacked to The Olden Times about 2,000 Years Ago and I was Shown the Vision of the Mark of the Beast.

8-A Prophetic Dream on 19th March 2012 Where I heard it Being Announced That Judgment Must Now Take Place against the Nations That Have Not Heed to the Call to Repentance

9-A Prophetic Dream on 20th January about the Widespread Demonic Attacks and the Return of the Nephilim During the Period of the Great Tribulation

10- A Prophetic Dream on 8th February 2012 Where I Was Shown the Mark of the Beast Being Spread Worldwide during the Great Tribulation Period.

11-A Prophetic Dream on 28th February 2012 Where I was Shown the Widespread Immorality and Insanity That would Befall the Earth During the Great Tribulation Period

12-A Prophetic Dream on 1st March 2012 Where the LORD Presented to Me the Map of the Earth and Showed Me the Imminent Re-Alignment of Geographical Positions of various Nations of the Earth in Readiness for the Millennium Reign.

13-A Prophetic Dream on 5th January 2012 Where I Was Shown the Connection Between an Imminent Huge Tsunami in the USA and It’s Ushering of the Rapture of the Bride of Christ.

14-A Prophetic Dream on 25th November 2011 Where I Saw Widespread Chaos, Regret and a Large Green Object in the Sky.

15-A Prophetic Dream on 21st October 2011 about Two Moons and Two Suns in the Sky.

16-A Prophetic Dream on 16TH October 2011 Where I Was Shown People I was made to understand to be known as “Aliens” Beating and Torturing People of the Earth.

17-A Prophetic Dream on 11th October 2011 Where I was Shown Red Blood Sky Signifying the End-Times and the Great Deception about the same.

18- A Prophetic Dream in the middle of 2011 about an Asteroid from the Sky Hitting the Earth.

For detailed prophetic supernatural dreams above please use the respective dates to check in this website:



Precious Jesus,

 I acknowledge today that you are lord and savior of all mankind,

and today I have recognized my shortfall,

I repent and turn away from all sin.

Please cover me with your precious blood,

and establish your word in my life,

 that I may be found in righteousness and holiness

and write my name in your book of life

and baptize me with the power of the Holy Spirit

 in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.


Shalom!!! Shalom!!! Shalom!!!

Kevin Mirasi


  1. Brother I respect your visions and dreams because they all fulfills biblical values. I want to share my webpage with you in which my dreams and visions are illustrated. I hope together we can serve lord better and can understand Christ's revelation much more. I would like conversations with you soon.

  2. 1. half fullfilled prophecy does not equal a fullfiled porphecy
    2. a 5.0 earthquake, with no fatailties is not going to cause a large nation to repent and suddenly believe in Jesus, its not going to be seen as any sort of wake up call by anyone can this prophecy be fullfilled if there is no Tsuami
    4. Vague prophecy of vagueness! would have been better if you told us where it was going to be or how much damage it would cause
    5.Chicago is not a police state, and its not even a country
    6.what does this have anything to do with God or the future, and a you said a big meteor would hit the earth,it did not happen
    7.The solar flare did not hit earth, and I did not here any big voice telling be to repent okkkaayyy.......but where are the 2 witnesses
    9.sounds more like conformation bias than anything else,and i dont think its being prepare to repent and nything very well
    10.It didnt happen yet so the prophecy could not have benn fullfilled, and project blue beam was a hoax and a joke you do realize that right
    11.So when Jesus returns is he going to be in a big pick up truck, with a gun rack, anti-welfare and obama impeaching bumper stickers....

  3. I look at the posts on fivedoves, now and again over the last few years.

    I had a dream, while i was visiting India, where God's word is moving very swiftly.
    this was march just gone.

    The dream i had was very vivid, i was in a living room with other believers
    and i looked out of the window at the sky and the moon was very close and big, (this was a day before
    we were due to see the full moon in march) ( back to the dream) as i looked out
    of the window the sky was amazing the moon was very big and bright and was surrounded
    by 8 or 9 little moons, surrounding the moon. and shooting across the sky were shooting stars,

    the picture changed and i moved from one room to another and looked
    out of the other window and then i saw two suns one to the left the other
    to right but i could look at both of the suns as they wasnt shinning so bright.

    the other believer were looking but not as amaze as i was at what was going on
    end of dream, any idea if this mean anything?

  4. Amen. I know this mean something as I have also been shown a similar dream back in October 2011 which I have shared below. You can pray and also ask the LORD to give you a deeper insight on this. I tend to believe that these are meant to be the signs and wonder of the time we are living in as stated in Joel 2.

    And so,On the night of 21st October 2011, I had a supernatural dream. In the dream, I was walking with some friends of mine on a road and I looked at the sky and I saw two moons and two suns. The two moons were of equal size and were side by side in close proximity. I then saw two suns which were also in close proximity but were not as close as the moons.

    The moons and the suns kept on disappearing in the clouds and once the cloud cover cleared, I could still clearly see the two moons/suns.

    In the dream, one of my friends vividly refused to look at the two moons and the two suns, but surprisingly, he was smiling as he looked at me but adamantly refused to look at the two moons and the two suns.

    In the dream, I was made to understand in my heart that the end-time signs from Jehovah God Almighty are now very clear in the sky but the people of the earth are trying/will try to avoid seeing them (looking at them) as signs of end-times from God and people will pretend/assume that everything is normal (no need to be concerned). They are not taking seriously the end-time signs/manifestations in the sky.

    In the dream, as we continued to walk with my friends, I was telling them that up there in heaven, there is a superhighway and that the highway we have on this earth looks like an illusion when compared to the highway in heaven. And that the highway in heaven is more real than the highway on the earth. I told them that the highway in heaven is so smooth and the vehicles there move extremely very fast. And that surprisingly even though the vehicles move very fast there are no accidents there. My friends couldn’t believe me on this. And so I told them that in the very very unlikely event that an accident occurs up there in heaven the victims will not be injured at all and that the victim cannot die since there is no dying/death up there.

    In the dream, I kept telling myself that “I hope and know that this cannot be a dream especially because everything was so very clear especially the sky.”

    I kept telling my friends about this heavenly superhighway and I was very sure and clear in my mind about this heavenly superhighway, it was as if the knowledge of this superhighway of heaven had been implanted in my heart./mind and I was now informing my friends of heavenly place and I was very convinced that all the things like highways on the earth were just like illusions but that everything in the heaven was the real thing.

    Furthermore, I was made to understand in the dream that the things of the earth which the people of the earth think/believe to be their destination and to be the best things or real things are actually a shadow of the real things and beauty of what is in heaven. The things found on the earth are just but an illusion (A shadow of the real things).


    1. You may want to research the coming blood moons of 2014/15 and the solar eclipses that will separate them. This particular biblical sign (the first of which is set to appear in early April (5th) 2014 is one of many riveting the Christian community at the moment. The world is indeed telling itself that every event the Lord uses to get its attention is "normal"- people have become desensitized to an alarming rate to anything that points to Christ's return, but you continue to be faithful and share and exhort as we were told to do. God bless u :)