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How The LORD Has Fulfilled His Prophetic Word With Very Powerful Testimonies From His Children From South Africa

Today I’m extremely very very very happy and I want to honour and celebrate the LORD because of the very powerful testimonies coming from South Africa. The LORD God Almighty, The LORD Jesus Christ and The Holy Spirit has personally intervened to save souls in South Africa.

The LORD showed me on 16th January 2012 that He was now calling upon the people of South Africa to embrace the message of Repentance and produce fruit in keeping with Repentance. And that the message of Repentance was going to hit South Africa.

 I did not at the time comprehend how the LORD was going to do this, but as at today the 6th October 2012, I have been amazed by how the LORD has moved in a very very mighty and powerful way to reach the people of South Africa and fulfill His prophesy that He gave me on 16th January 2012. This despite the fact that South Africa is a country several miles from my own country. What an awesome and wonderful God we serve!!!.

The LORD has done very tremendous things (move) since that very powerful and mighty visitation of The LORD on 16th January 2012 through a prophetic supernatural dream which I titled: A Dream Where I Heard a Message being passed to South Africa to Prepare the Way for the Imminent Arrival of Jesus Christ.”

And so the below are some very very very powerful move by The LORD and the subsequent testimonies from precious children of The LORD from south African since that visitation as He fulfills His word: I have not disclosed the names but they know themselves: I know the LORD is going to do more tremendous work not only in South Africa but also other nations across the globe:


26th September 2012

Sister MM:  Man of God I need Jesus...I had accepted him in 2008 and I have backslide this year(2012). I need God man of God, I can’t continue living like this...I need God I need God.

Kevin Mirasi: Amen M. I greet you in the name of the LORD Jesus Christ. You indeed need the LORD precious daughter of the LORD because the Ark is very very very soon going to be closed. So what kind of life are you saying you are living?

Sister MM: I am 18 years old, I am dating, started drinking alcohol, I smoke. Before I backslid me and my 3 friends were deeply in the word of God, we all were prophetesses and God used to speak through us, we used to evangelize but sister P is now saved again. Man of God me, and our friends need God.

Kevin Mirasi: Amen sister M, the LORD has got a plan and a desire to help you get back into the ark. And so by the LORD using your friend sister P as an example and showing her what awaits those who are disobedient and have gone astray: Hell. The LORD is passing a message of love to you all so that you can get back to the LORD.

I praise the LORD because He has put that desire in you to come back into the ark before it’s too late. The only person who can help you back into the ark is the LORD Jesus Christ. All you need to do is to surrender your life back to Him in absolute Repentance, Righteousness, Holiness and Truth.
And this means coming out of the worldly lifestyle of drinking alcohol, smoking etc. 
You thus need to read your bible and pray(and even fast).


Sister MM: Amen thank you...I believe I believe and I believe. JESUS CHRIST will be the one helping me, for I know that through his mercy He shall help me. GOD BLESS YOU MAN OF GOD.

Kevin Mirasi: I want you to pray, read your bible and start attending a bible believing church where they preach Repentance for the forgiveness of sins and where they preach Holiness and also where they preach the very very imminent coming of the messiah Jesus Christ to rapture His bride.

Meanwhile, I want you to read the below link to help you on how to prepare for the rapture. There is also a Repentance prayer which you can say with sincerity from your heart and the LORD Jesus Christ who is right where you are will hear you and forgive you and then welcome you back into the ark. Shalom!!!

“How Can I prepare For Rapture?” What Scriptures In The Bible Talk About Rapture ?”

(The link to this is at the end of the testimonies)

6th  October 2012

Sister MM : Hallelujah, Jesus!!! Jesus!!! Jesus!!! Saves!!!! man of God have you ever prayed for me?

Kevin Mirasi: Amen Sister M. Yes. I do pray for everybody who asks me to pray for them. And so I have prayed for you too.


Kevin Mirasi: Glory!!! Glory!!! Glory!!! to Hosanna, The most High God (JEHOVAH, YAHWEH, The God of Israel),The LORD Jesus Christ and The Holy Spirit for saving you.
The LORD will help you to prepare for the rapture. I’m glad the LORD Jesus Christ restored you and filled you with the power of The Holy Spirit. When I go to pray I will be thanking the LORD for this wonderful testimony. Shalom!!!

Sister MM:  Oh Jesus!!! the end is not near, but it is here now, John 5:25-30.The rapture is here .Oh my Jesus I pray for people to accept and believe Him (Yahweh) The Great I AM.OH MAN OF GOD JESUS IS CALLING OUT His PEOPLE TO COME TO HIM.PRAY PRAY PRAY AND PRAY ONLY IN JESUS NAME,IT SAVES,IT SAVED ME.SHALOM.JESUS IS LORD.


5thOctober 2012

Sister DD: Hi Brother , please pray with me my sister is very sick I didn't sleep last night praying with her , She's too weak and feeling cold and she's vomiting. No weapon formed against us shall prosper .Please agree with me in this situation

Kevin Mirasi: Amen sister DD.

I come with you in agreement in the mighty name of The LORD Jesus Christ.
And I ask my LORD, Master and Saviour; The LORD Jesus Christ to personally intervene in your sisters situation and to touch her with His healing powers. To touch her bone, flesh and spirit so that your sister be set free from the pain of the body because to him/her that the LORD sets free will be free indeed.
Mighty LORD Jesus Christ I ask you this very second that you may release your healing powers and Holy Fire from the throne room of heaven and pierce through the body of DD’s sister that wherever she is lying sick she may arise and get the strength that comes from you my LORD. And I give a command right now to all the evil spirits of pain and sickness to depart from her body in the mighty name of The LORD Jesus Christ. As I ask this LORD for the glory and honour of your name.
Precious LORD God Almighty (JEHOVAH, YAHWEH, The God of Israel I pray right now that you may baptize her also with the power of the Holy Spirit and that the peace and the joy of The LORD be upon her now in the mighty name of Jesus Christ I pray, Amen. 

Shalom!!! Shalom!!! Shalom!!!

Sister DD: Thank you so much my Brother I believe our prayers are not in vain. God is always a good God we need to give thanks every day good or bad. He never changes, I believe my sister is free now in Jesus name. God bless you and your family for your help and concern. Thanks gain.

Sister DD: Man of GOD thank you so much for the prayer we made earlier on. Now my sister is eating and talking. You’re the humble man with a good heart. Thank GOD for you to connect with me, stay bless always.

Kevin Mirasi: Glory!!! Glory!!! Glory!!! to The LORD God Almighty. The LORD Jesus Christ and The Holy Spirit. That is very very very mighty. 
I give glory and honour to the LORD.
The LORD showed me on 22nd June 2012 in a mighty prophetic dream something very very tremendous. And in this dream the LORD released His power when I prayed for a sick person. And so what you are telling me is a very very powerful testimony. Read about the LORD's revelation in the link below. 
Meanwhile I want you to tell your sister that the LORD want her to also prepare for the coming of The LORD through the rapture. You can print/give her the second article which I'm sending to you very shortly so that she reads. Shalom!!!

"The Ministry of Jesus Christ is Imminently Picking His Bride"

(The link to this is at the end of the testimonies)

Sister DD: In Jesus name I will

Sister DD: Wow, what wonderful dream /vision. You are blessed my brother. Keep it on.

Kevin Mirasi: The below is the link to the second article that you can give to your sister. Shalom!!!

“How Can I prepare For Rapture?” What Scriptures In The Bible Talk About Rapture ?”

(The link to this is at the end of the testimonies)

Sister DD: I will share it with my family and friends. Actually in my work place we are praying and I used to share your dream / vision with them. Please let me know if there's something new to make sure we are not left behind.


8th February 2012

Sister AE: Dear brother in Jesus Christ, please add me as friend on friend request....SHALOM...PRAISE TO OUR LORD for your visions!!

Kevin Mirasi: Amen Sister. May the LORD be with you.

12th February 2012

Sister AE:  “Dear brother in Christ, can you please SHARE....your note..DREAM AND VISION FOR SOUTH AFRICA....I have to SHARE with ALL I CAN IN SA..because I am a SA citizen AND HAVE TO OBEY THE LORD because he tells me to do this through HOLY SPIRIT.....BLESSINGS....

Kevin Mirasi:  Amen Sister. Glory be to the LORD. May the Holy Spirit guide you as you share. I will also share especially in my blog site. God be with you.

Sister AE: Dear friend in Christ Jesus, the Holy Spirit of the Lord is on me this morning and He said that our Facebook readers, as the Body of Christ all should read your dreams and there is a message for each of them. You will through His Holy Spirit get more friends and the messages from the Lord to you will go around the globe!! You’ve got a used work for the LORD to do and the LORD said this morning l have to help spreading these dreams from Him to Facebook.....God bless you and all the work that you have done for Him. The Spirit of the LORD is upon you

Kevin Mirasi: Amen Sister. I give glory, honour, praise and worship to the LORD God Almighty (Jehovah), The LORD Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit (Ruach Ha Kodesh) for choosing me as a vessel to relay these messages. I humbly pray that the LORD may touch you and everybody else who is going to lay their eyes on theses dreams so that they may prepare for the coming of the LORD in Repentance, Righteousness, Holiness, Truth and Full surrender to the LORD Jesus Christ. Shalom!!!

4-THE FORTH TESTIMONY (Which I recently shared but I’m going to include here as well)

17th September 2012

Pertunia Angelica Ofiara Sebola: Thank you for accepting my friend request. If I inbox u will u reply back?

Kevin Mirasi: Amen sister. Yes I will reply back in the name of the LORD.

Pertunia Angelica Ofiara Sebola: Wow I thank God for this. I just wana know him more and live for him only. I’m born again but I backslided this year. Uhm I wana be close with man of God so that I can walk along. Thanks once again. I’ll talk to you .

Kevin Mirasi: Amen sister Pertunia. May you get back into the ark before it’s too late, because time is absolutely over. Shalom!!!

18th September 2012

Pertunia Angelica Ofiara Sebola : What's the meaning of Shalom? Peace? Oh like I have a problem of talking a lot lol won’t you have a problem. Okay are you the one dreaming for real? The end is near but a lot has to happen right? Should I want to see to believe? May the Lord our God continue to use you and bless you. What's the meaning of Kevin?

Kevin Mirasi: Shalom means peace. Yes I'm the one dreaming. Time is absolutely over, whatever has to happen before the rapture is just but very few things but may be of very great repercussion (e.g. the mega California Earthquake etc). Don't wait for them to happen before you are ready for the rapture, because they can happen and then immediately after the rapture happens.
Do not wait to see to believe because hope is believing what has not been seen. And when you only see to believe then doubt sets in. And the kingdom of God and the rapture is about believing and hoping for the coming of the LORD Jesus Christ to rapture His bride. Shalom!!!

Pertunia Angelica Ofiara Sebola : Amen wow am blessed and inspired. God Father gives you revelations through dreams?? Is it okay to dream about dead people??... Where are you from? ... And you dream every night wow I wana pray just like you.

Kevin Mirasi: I come from Kenya (Africa). What were you dreaming about dead people?

Pertunia Angelica Ofiara Sebola: Kenya nice. You know where I came from right? Like 1st dreamt about my uncle ... He asked me what I was doing? But I myself was just standing then suddenly I was down on my knees praying and when I woke up I was still praying. 2nd my aunt, now we looking after her daughter. Well I dreamt about her 2 times she just looks at me and pass. And I dreamt about this other woman she was my mother’s friend 2times. She asked for food and she was telling me things I couldn't understand because she was laughing. Please tell me the word of God more often.

Kevin Mirasi: Amen sister Pertunia (From South Africa)

One thing you will note about dreaming of the dead people is that the devil may be appearing in their form to confuse you. But some dreams about the dead people may be a lesson from God Almighty. I remember last year I dreamt about my late uncle and in the dream he appeared very thin and the message the LORD was passing to me is that he is in suffering and pain in hell. I must admit that he must have died due to alcohol and smoking complications.

And so always pray before you go to bed and ask the LORD Jesus Christ to cover you with His blood and ask the LORD to anoint you with the power of the Holy Spirit. And as you pray ask the LORD to protect you against dreams from evil spirits.

You are requesting for more word of God, that is wise of you to ask for such because: the fear of the LORD that is wisdom, and to shun evil is understanding (Job 28:28).

You can go to my notes in the facebook or in my website and you will for sure be blessed and touched by the LORD God Almighty (JEHOVAH, YAHWEH), The LORD Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. And above all you will be prepared for the very very imminent coming of the LORD Jesus Christ to rapture His bride. 


22nd September 2012

Pertunia Angelica Ofiara Sebola: Wow thanks it had been done. Oh yes Kevin God should not talk to you about this. You have to hear this, a miracle happened wow it’s big. You have to hear it but when you reply I will tell you what happened. It’s a true story. Pray its God will lead you to it. Shalom as you always say. God is with you.

Kevin Mirasi: Amen sister Pertunia. What is the story?

NOTE: The Below is the Powerful Testimony from Sister Pertunia Angelica Ofiara Sebola as she wrote to me in the facebook inbox

Pertunia Angelica Ofiara Sebola:  Okay it’s long and I’m too weak. God will give me strength. I told you about me right, but wasn’t done. I took your prayer. I always do. Jesus visited me yesterday. I prayed for the day before it started in the morning. I called on to the holy Jesus name.

 I got to school ya a lot happened. But yesterday we knocked out at 12 so I didn't know whether to do or where to go I called cousin and asked her to tell me where she was coz I had nowhere to go and I didn't want to go home.. So I changed clothes at home then went back to town to meet with my cousin. In my heart I asked God, is this what you want me to do, I said anyway I prayed that he must lead me and that the Holy Spirit must guard me all throughout the day.

 I went to a party, a small one but there were muffins , place muffins with weed inside. But I promised many people including God that I wasn't gona do it again. If u eat one you get high but juts for the fun of it I ate 4 and thats too much of a drug. The cousin ate too so u get high after 30min..

So yes time went by I was with this other girl she is a Christian too but she doesn't understand the things of the spirit... Then I felt like I was falling in hell. Backwards.. I took her outside and told her what was happening. At 1st she was laughing but I was crying coz I felt it. It was hell I was close to, I told her to pray for me but she said yes laughing then it got serious. I was choking and dying. I could feel my soul moving. Jesus was around, you have to believe me I’ll never play with the word of God I would never; just that I was ignoring Gods instructions but he took me by surprise. I won’t do it again. I asked for forgiveness but this is a testimony. So I was crying on her shoulder... I was in weed but Jesus came. His power is more powerful than the weed I took. Please pray this is the day it’s recorded. Pray... I’m still in Spirit by this moment I can't even type... It’s a testimony. God works in mysterious ways and you know that... Jesus is Near look what's happening. I would stay away from drugs. Please tell God that I need a helper this is too much. I need help now. I need to pray deeply God saw me praying. He is alive. Am drunk in Spirit.

So yes the girl was terrified. We went inside the house... I took her to a room. We prayed. My body was burning I ask for forgiveness because my soul was falling in hell we prayed. I was falling in a pit. I saw shades of demons in the room but they escaped. We read Romans 10:2 but I never read it but I told them to open and read and they did. Then someone came in the room I asked to pray for me. I was scared hell is real I felt it and am still gona feel it God wants me to Learn and know that he is alive... By the time I was eating the weed before it all happened you know what I said... I said this seed that God was burning from and he told Moses to take of his shoes because the ground was Holy and I laughed.

Then we went to the room and as I was still falling in. I told them to open psalm 23 and I took the bible and hugged it and I felt I was not falling anymore but when they took it I was falling. Still they did not understand what was happening. The girl who Jesus spoke to yesterday she started crying. Okay I never told you that God used to speak through me. A lot happened at the party. Some were swearing. And the cousin that called me at the party was high but Jesus visited her too. She was crying Jesus!!! Jesus!!! too. She was holding the Bible on the bed. Please get someone now!!!. Oh yes and the girl I was with saw an angel. Named Jordan can you believe it. The wings wow it was beautiful. The angel told the girl what to do. The angel comforted her because she was crying and no one new what to do. Wow I was still taking medicine of the spirit then when me and my cousin got home.

We vomited the same time. I saw black things I ate. A lot that I ate. Its 13:53 now and God wants to work in her. I have to go. A lot happened you need to ask now. Jehovah knows it all. Jesus loves me and you. I can't venda type properly.

Kevin you need to forward this message to “No Rfid chip”. He always links your revelations and I got you through him. Please pass the message he has to know.



Precious Jesus,

I acknowledge today that you are lord and savior of all mankind,

and today I have recognized my shortfall,

I repent and turn away from all sin.

Please cover me with your precious blood,

and establish your word in my life,

that I may be found in righteousness and holiness

and write my name in your book of life

and baptize me with the power of the Holy Spirit

in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.


Shalom!!! Shalom!!! Shalom!!!

Kevin Mirasi

1-The link to the prophetic dream I had on 16th January 2012 titled :A Dream Where I Heard a Message being passed to South Africa to Prepare the Way for the Imminent Arrival of Jesus below:

2-The link to :How Can I prepare For Rapture?” What Scriptures In The Bible Talk About Rapture ?”

3- The link to:
"The Ministry of Jesus Christ is Imminently Picking His Bride"


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