Tuesday, 16 October 2012

The Audio(You-Tube Video) of The Revelation of The Anti-Christ By The LORD

Praise the LORD,

You can now listen to the audio (you-tube video) on the Revelation of The Anti-Christ by The LORD in the link below:



  1. I heard the outloud voice of the Lord in 2008 about Obama the day he found out he won the elections. I got an ice cold chill down my spine and heard AND THEY TOO SHALL WORSHIP THE ANTICHRIST FOR THEY WERE DECEIVED. It sounded as if this was a movie the Lord was watching, just playing itself out for Him to talk in the past tense.

  2. Anonymus,

    Why has the Lord ordained you to not be deceived? You have no knowledge of the Mark of the Beast but I will have to post and send Mr. Mirasi some more information about the endtime revelation so that he can comment to the original post because Mr. Mirasi must understand the signs of the time and he will not be deceived so Mr. Mirasi if you could reply to my last post so that others may have an understanding I would like to show you the way to many more dreams and loose visions.

    Why did I ask this question? Mr. Mirasi was the last post that I made alarming to you or did you not enjoy the fact that the names that are listed are true and not false. These people are alive and well and have received many dreams and visions from me but now they do not show me as much disdain as much as I will have to so says the Lord, when they are left behind to endure the greater tribulation. They will not be left so says the Lord because Felisha is am evil and uncanny but I thus saith the Lord am a socery not a person who believes in witchcraft but I am a person who the Lord has gifted with the Labeling ability of prayer. I pray with out ceasing according to the word and as a result I will send you anonymus some of my dreams that the Lord has given me, since you are still finding and unhindered by your doubt and unbelief.

    Anonymus, the Lord is saying that you have more to lose in this tribulation if you have doubt and are unbelieving, from reading your dreams and your post it seems that you would have to know what the Mark of the Beast looks like.

    Here we go, hold on tight, it is a Jesus replica, Jesus replication, Satan is a thief, a liar and he is stupid to think that all will and shall not bow to high so called earth welding agenda like Obamas NWO. I will send you some confirmation of some dreams that the Lord has given me and please do not be susprised if the dreams turn you off. The Lord has given me a hard job to be a Prophetess, to the nations of the earth, small and great rich and poor that is exactly what the Lord is saying in this hour.

    Please do not be dismayed when millions and billions of people go to Heaven but then again what does the scriptures say not everyone who thinks that they are saved will enter into the Kingdom of Heaven. I just wanted to reproof you and admonish you to begin to show more disdain for your belief in the the Mark of the Beast and please endure hard tribulation. Yes,please relay this message to others, the tribulation will be the worse Hell that this earth will ever know, so the time for looking up is now and it is not a time for doubt and unbelief.

    I pray that I have not offended you so says the Lord, but I struggle because I want and desire to see Gods Heavenly Domain, so says the Lord. I will send the dreams soon, the one about the Mark of the Beast is quite lengthy so Mr. Mirasi I will definately send it you first and then you will send it to everyone else because you are the elected, official, moderator on this well to do site. Blessings to you in the Mighty name of the Lord.

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