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A Dark Day In The World As The Prophesy of The Re-Election Of The Beast /The Anti-Christ is Accurately Fulfilled

The LORD God Almighty (The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob); The LORD Jesus Christ and The Holy Spirit has on several occasions enabled me to live in the future through prophetic supernatural dreams. He has enabled me to hear some of the declarations and requirements coming onto the world and specifically the United States of America. And following these revelations of The LORD especially about the USA, Let me humbly submit that I’m very convinced that the LORD has specifically carved out a messenger and a vessel to the USA i.e. It all but shows that the LORD has sent me to the USA (and indeed to all the people and the nations of the earth) as His messenger due to these very very deep and shocking revelations about the United States of America. I did not choose to be the messenger, The LORD called me and I obeyed His call. And so today I’m going to have a very comprehensive discussion about what The LORD has shown and revealed to me specifically about the United States of America.

On 17th October 2012, in a very massive and mighty conversation with The LORD in a prophetic supernatural dream, the LORD allowed me to hear an announcement being made by the incumbent USA President. The LORD told me in my heart that this was after the elections of the United States of America, and the USA President had been re-elected and following the disasters (The Judgments of The LORD God Almighty) that were happening around the world, he(the incumbent USA President) had assumed the role of the world leader following the introduction of The New World Order that effectively brought into play the One World Government.

The announcement I heard him make in the dream was as follows: I know we are strained and in a very difficult situation following the imminent collapse of this building amongst many other things, but the leader of The World has an announcement to make. And the announcement is that we require each one of you to make an arrangement to ensure that you pick your medical identity (ID)”

It is very important to note that this medical Identity (Radio Frequency Identification Micro-chip) is the mark of the beast stated in Revelation 13. And nobody should take it since taking it means eternal damnation and covenant with satan(the devil).

And so the LORD has made me aware of the events and agenda scheduled to be implemented by the incumbent USA President. And the LORD has opened my spiritual eyes in the prophetic supernatural dreams to the spiritual meanings of these evil agendas that are going to be put in place by the regime of the incumbent USA President once he is re-elected.

It is very important to note that on 5th September 2012, The LORD showed me that the forthcoming elections in the USA will be held at a time of crisis. This has been accurately fulfilled by the onset of the Historical destructive Hurricane Sandy days to the USA Presidential polls that has unfortunately claimed the lives of 113 people in the USA and caused very massive historical destruction estimated to be over 50Billion US Dollars. It did also interfere with the final campaign programs of the candidates. The early voting had actually commenced in some states when the Hurricane Sandy sets in and thus effectively interfering with those who were or had planned to undertake early voting.

Another revelation the LORD has given me concerning the United States of America is about very massive and historical destruction coming to the USA by November. And so on 9th July 2012, in a massive prophetic dream the LORD made me aware by a very powerful voice, and The voice said The United States of America Will Be No More!!! (Destroyed/brought to its knees)  By November”. And The LORD meant that very massive and historical destruction in the form of The Judgment of The LORD is coming to The United States of America by November 2012And I was shocked when the LORD fulfilled His words 4 and a half months later when as from 27th October 2012 the monster, historical, never seen before destructive Hurricane Sandy caused massive destruction on the land of The USA in around 15 states. The worst affected places being New York City and New Jersey.Infact it was the worst ever destruction and damage in New York City in over a century. The last time such destruction and devastation was ever witnessed in New York City, The economic, political, social and diplomatic hub of The United States of America was in 1888. But remember that this is just the beginning of the destruction and judgment of The LORD coming to The USA. This will continue even beyond November. The total and complete destruction of The USA will be during the Great Tribulation period. No more!!! here as per what the LORD showed me on 9th July 2012 refers to unprecedented  very massive destruction and devastation on the land of The USA that will make The USA to be on its knees setting off a chain reaction of events that will eventually lead to more destructions and devastations on the Land of The USA going into the Great Tribulation period.

The LORD has also on very many several occasions revealed to me that a very massive, historical and mega Earthquake is going to hit California, USA. And The LORD on 29th May 2012 showed me that there would a series of several earthquakes before the bigger mega one hits which will be a 9 or a 10 on the Richter scale. The final mega earthquake has not occurred in California as at 6th November 2012 but it will occur very very very soon. I was not shown the date or by when the mega earthquake will hit California, USA but the LORD has always given me the impression that it is very very very imminent.

The LORD has also shown me on 16th August 2012 that Martial law is very soon going to be implemented in the United States of America. I was not shown what was going to lead to the martial law being declared, but I know and believe that it would possibly be due to riots and chaos that will follow very massive Judgments of The LORD on the land of The USA that will lead to destructions, devastations, deaths and cut off of food, water, electricity and gasoline supply. And out of despair would emerge riots and chaos leading to the martial law being declared.

The LORD has also shown me that dictatorship is coming to the USA, and this will majorly be as a result of the aftermath of the massive judgments on the land of the USA that will lead to the administration introducing draconian rule on the land of USA. The LORD Showed me this on 5th September 2012.

The LORD also showed me and revealed to me on 24th October 2012 through a prophetic supernatural dream that there is going to be an imminent very massive terror attack on the United States of America interests.

The LORD also showed me on 5th January 2012 that a very massive and historical oceanic outpour in the form of tsunami is going to occur on the land of the USA i.e. there is going to be an oceanic outpour on the land of the USA. And I was shown that this oceanic outpour on the land of USA has got a connection with the rapture of the bride of Christ i.e. it would have a close proximity with the rapture of the bride of Christ.

The LORD also showed me in a prophetic supernatural dream on 25th May 2012 that a very massive and a raging windstorm was coming to the earth. And this was fulfilled 2 days later when Tropical Storm Berylhit Georgia, South Carolina and Florida in the USA.

The LORD also showed me in a prophetic supernatural dream on 18th May 2012 that there was going to be a very massive police countering riots unrest and I was made to understand in the dream that this will lead to a new police state status. This prophesy was accurately fulfilled when 2 days later during the NATO and G8 summit meeting in Chicago, USA there was a massive riots and unrest that lead to police clashing with protesters in Chicago. Chicago state was eventually declared a Police state by the Chicago mayor.


1-The judgments of The LORD is coming and has come to the United States of America because of the abominations that has taken over the land: Abortions of innocent children; Embracing of Homosexuality and Lesbianism; Preaching of Prosperity Gospel on the land; Production of filthy films that even blaspheme The LORD God Almighty, The LORD Jesus Christ and The Holy Spirit in Hollywood based in California etc.
These abominations are indeed in other nations of the earth, but for purposes of this discussion The LORD is specifically addressing the United States of America.

2-The LORD is thus calling for Repentance and living in Righteousness, Holiness, Truth and Complete Surrender to The LORD Jesus Christ.

3-The LORD has extensively revealed and spoken to me about the end-time man: The Man of lawlessness; The Son of Perdition; The Anti-Christ; The beast. And the LORD has shown me that he currently resides in the USA and he is about to be re-elected into the office.

4-Those who have put their trust, belief and have completely surrendered to The LORD Jesus Christ in absolute Repentance, Holiness, Righteousness, and Truth will be sheltered by The LORD at the time of the serious judgments that has come and are coming onto the USA. But even if the LORD decides to take some of them, He will usher them into Heaven. These Judgments of The LORD coming onto the land of the USA and indeed the whole of the earth will form part of the Great awakening and so very massive revivals will follow the Judgments on the land.



Precious Jesus,

I acknowledge today that you are lord and savior of all mankind,

and today I have recognized my shortfall,

I repent and turn away from all sin.

Please cover me with your precious blood,

and establish your word in my life,

that I may be found in righteousness and holiness

and write my name in your book of life

and baptize me with the power of the Holy Spirit

in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.


Shalom!!! Shalom!!! Shalom!!!

Kevin Mirasi

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