Thursday, 29 November 2012

Prophesy of Very Huge Earthquakes And An Airplane Crash Involving An Arab Leader Coming To The Earth Following The Nations of The Earth Coming Together Against Israel

This past morning of 30th November 2012 at about 4am (East African time), The LORD God Almighty took me in a prophetic supernatural dream. And in this dream, I found myself watching the whole of planet earth in what looked like a giant screen. As I watched the earth The LORD put my attention on the various seismic activities that were happening on the earth. And I saw various countries of the earth experiencing very huge earthquakes (including a 7.5 earthquake), and The voice of The LORD made me understand in the prophetic dream that: “These increased seismic activities across various nations on the earth is as a result of the gathering together of the nations of the earth against the nation of Israel.”

After showing me these increased seismic activities in form of very huge earthquakes across various nations of the earth, The LORD then took me to a place(country) where news had trickled in that an Airplane carrying a prominent Arab Muslim leader had been brought down. 

The LORD actually made me to be present amongst the very many Arab Muslims who were mourning the death of this leader, and I saw men and women mourning and crying profusely. As the mourning was going on, The LORD made me understand that even though the airplane had been brought down, this Arab Muslim leader had not died immediately. The LORD made me understand that He had given this Arab Muslim leader a chance to Repent before he died and that’s why he did not die immediately. After The LORD revealed this to me, The power of The Holy Spirit came upon me and the Holy Spirit made me proclaim the following in the dream to the many Arab Muslim women and men who had gathered here to mourn the fallen Arab Muslim leader who was involved in the plane crash: “I hope he accepted The LORD Jesus Christ before he died!!!.”

I then woke up from the dream.

The first message imparted in my heart in the dream is that as a result of the nations of the earth coming together against the nation of Israel, The LORD God Almighty is going to unleash injuries on the nations of the earth just as He prophesied through His servant Zechariah in the book of Zechariah 12:3 “On that day, when all the nations of the earth are gathered against her, I will make Jerusalem an immovable rock for all the nations. All who try to move it will injure themselves.”

And that these injuries are going to include amongst many other things huge earthquakes across various nations of the earth and also death, mourning across the nations of the earth particularly the Arab Muslim nations. And so there is mourning and wailing coming onto the earth as a result of the nations of the earth coming against the nation of Israel.

The second message imparted in my heart in the dream is that The LORD God Almighty is going to give the Muslim community a chance to Repent and turn away from idolatry and turn to The LORD Jesus Christ. And this is a chance for them to make a “last minute” choice on whom they are going to serve. The LORD God Almighty (JEHOVAH, YAHWEH, The creator of Heaven and Earth, The God of Israel) made me understand that it is only through His son Jesus Christ that entry into heaven is allowed. And that any other route leads to hell, however culturally established such routes seems to be.



1-The nations of the earth have just voted a few hours ago to upgrade the Palestinians state effectively setting in motion an attempt to divide Jerusalem into East Jerusalem(for Palestinian) and West Jerusalem(for Israel). The result of the vote was as follows: The vote was 138 delegates in favor of the measure, nine against and 41 abstentions.

It is very very important to note that all these countries that abstained have actually not chosen for Israel because it is either you are For Israel OR Against Israel; there is no middle ground with God Almighty. The LORD spits out those who are lukewarm(The abstainers) and cast them together with the nations against Israel.

And so from the statistics above it is better to conclude that the whole of the earth gathered against the nation of Israel.

2-The LORD gave me the above prophetic supernatural dream when I was very deep asleep. And this was one or two hours after the vote which was happening in New York City at a time when I was long asleep since East African time was 4am. So its like The LORD was updating me on what has happened and what the consequence of this would be.

3-It is very important to note that The LORD has exclusively been dealing with me in the last 7 days about the nation of Israel. And within those 7 days, He has had 3 very deep conversations with me via prophetic supernatural dreams regarding the nation of Israel. And this can only mean the seriousness when it comes to the nation of Israel and the impact it has when the nations of the earth touch the nation of Israel(The apple of the eye of The LORD God Almighty).

Zechariah 12:1-9 The Lord, who stretches out the heavens, who lays the foundation of the earth, and who forms the human spirit within a person, declares:  “I am going to make Jerusalem a cup that sends all the surrounding peoples reeling. Judah will be besieged as well as Jerusalem. On that day, when all the nations of the earth are gathered against her, I will make Jerusalem an immovable rock for all the nations. All who try to move it will injure themselves. On that day I will strike every horse with panic and its rider with madness,” declares the Lord. “I will keep a watchful eye over Judah, but I will blind all the horses of the nations. Then the clans of Judah will say in their hearts, ‘The people of Jerusalem are strong, because the Lord Almighty is their God.’ “On that day I will make the clans of Judah like a firepot in a woodpile, like a flaming torch among sheaves. They will consume all the surrounding peoples right and left, but Jerusalem will remain intact in her place. “The Lord will save the dwellings of Judah first, so that the honor of the house of David and of Jerusalem’s inhabitants may not be greater than that of Judah. On that day the Lord will shield those who live in Jerusalem, so that the feeblest among them will be like David, and the house of David will be like God, like the angel of the Lord going before them. On that day I will set out to destroy all the nations that attack Jerusalem.

John 14:6 Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.

Proverbs 14:12There is a way that appears to be right, but in the end it leads to death.”


Precious Jesus,

I acknowledge today that you are lord and savior of all mankind,

and today I have recognized my shortfall,

I repent and turn away from all sin.

Please cover me with your precious blood,

and establish your word in my life,

that I may be found in righteousness and holiness

and write my name in your book of life

and baptize me with the power of the Holy Spirit

in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.


Shalom!!! Shalom!!! Shalom!!!

Kevin Mirasi

CNN News Reportage:

Headline: U.N. approves Palestinian 'observer state' bid


  1. Brother Kevin, even though America voted for Israel, do you think one of the major earthquakes will be the mega earthquake in California, USA?

    1. Amen,

      I'm not yet convinced that the President of the USA is really for the Israel, I believe he will portray that he is with Israel and will even lead the signing of the peace treaty (Daniel 9:27)after war breaks out between Israel and its Arab neighbors but then will break it at "the right time". I'm yet to hear him comment moments before and after the Palestinian bid vote at the UN.

      I believe and know that the mega earthquake coming to California,USA is very very very imminent. And that USA will be judged through this mega earthquake due to Homosexuality, abortion of innocent babies,production of filthy films in Hollywood that even blaspheme The Holy Spirit,Preaching of prosperity Gospel on the land etc.


    2. I agree as well. I'd wonder why though, but its pretty obvious from prophesy. Agree with you brother.

  2. I agree with everything you say brother!! I too believe that Obama is against Israel and for the Muslims. Maybe if he declared to be against Israel then that would be to obvious of a sign of his position as antichrist at this time? I live in America and its crazy to see all the blaspheming going on here! Paintings of Obama as Christ, celebrities calling Obama "our lord and savior", as well as commercials on t.v., but one can't forget about all the atheists that are trying to take over this God blessed land either! God bless sir, I hope to you see you soon!

  3. Bear049 says that it is the end...rapture is imminent. He saw a vision in 2011, Jesus said when they try to take my home it is the end. November 29th is the beginning of the end!

  4. I know 7.5 earthquake was fulfilled, but another 7.5 earthquake hit alaska this morning, Jan 5 2013. Another fulfillment?