Thursday, 27 June 2013


Praise The LORD,

In The Link Below, you will be able to Read, Copy, Print and Share A Listing of The Updated Prophesies of The LORD:

It will serve as my second website (blog). And it will only have two postings for summarizing:

1-A Listing Of Prophesies Fulfilled (which are now 42 as at 27th June 2013)

2-A Listing Of Prophesies Not Yet Fulfilled. (which are now 31 as at 27th June 2013)

This Is To Provide An Easy Avenue Of Accessing And Viewing The Prophesies Of The Lord God Almighty. I Will Be Updating The New Blog On A Timely Basis As Led By The Holy Spirit Through The Fulfillment And New Prophesies. 

And So It Will Always Be Updated But It Will Only Have The Two Postings Above Which I Will Be Updating. My Main Blog ( remains as always and will have teachings, revelations, and indeed the detailed Prophesies .

And so The New second website (blog) can be found in the link below:

I Welcome you all to it in The Mighty name of The LORD Jesus Christ. May The LORD bless you as you read it.


Kevin Mirasi

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