Saturday, 14 September 2013


This moment in time, I want to talk and pass a message and a warning to the United States of America. The LORD God Almighty,The LORD Jesus Christ and The Holy Spirit has been dealing heavily with me about The USA for more than a year now. And even though I will be talking very directly and explicitly to The USA, but this in essence is a message and a warning to all the nations and the people of the earth because, USA being the only Superpower in the world; they affect, interact and influence directly and indirectly almost all the corners of the earth economically, socially, financially, spiritually, morally and technologically:

1- The LORD started talking to me about The United States of America on 5th January 2012 and in that very mighty communication of The LORD of 5th January 2012 through a vision of The night (prophetic supernatural dream), The LORD made me know that He had decreed that I was going to be shown an event that is just about to occur and would ultimately usher in the imminent return of the LORD Jesus Christ to rapture His bride.

IN THE PROPHESY, I WAS SHOWN THAT THE OCEAN IS GOING TO POUR OUT ITS WATERS ONTO THE LAND OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. And as it does this, the sea/ocean was going to kill very many people and shortly thereafter the rapture of the Holy church of Christ would take place. In the dream, I even experienced the Ocean outpouring process onto the land and was shown how this oceanic outpour was going to usher in the rapture of the bride of Christ. Infact, I saw the huge chunk of water bulging upwards as it prepared to pour onto the land.

The message that was imparted in my heart back then from the communication of The LORD of 5th January 2012 was that the rapture of the bride of Christ is very imminent and that the outpour of the ocean water onto the land in the USA would have a crucial role to play in ushering the bride of Christ into Heaven through the rapture. In other words, the oceanic outpour onto the land of USA will occur first and then later on the rapture of the bride of Christ occurs, I don't know whether it's immediately or shortly after; only The LORD knows the pattern, the sequence and the timing of all these, I'm just sharing exactly as was revealed and shown to me by The LORD. I believe this judgment will  lead to a wake-up call to the people of USA and indeed the entire earth and so very many people will then run to The LORD in an explosive Revival as they will then realize that only through Repentance in The Mighty name of The LORD Jesus Christ will safety and rescue be found.

Yes nobody knows the day or the hour but these are the signs that usher in the Rapture of the bride of Christ into Heaven. But only The LORD for sure knows how the timing for all this will play out. The unfortunate thing is that very many people are going to die when this judgment(s) hit and so they will suddenly find themselves in Hell for those who shall have not repented of their sins. And so do not wait to see this judgment (s) before you get right with The LORD. I believe Hurricane Sandy was just a warning; a more disastrous, catastrophic, deadly, destructive, Never Seen before Oceanic outpour (Tsunami/Hurricane) is coming to hit USA very very very soon.

2-THE LORD HAS ALSO SPOKEN TO ME SEVERALLY ABOUT A MEGA HISTORICAL EARTHQUAKE THAT WILL HIT CALIFORNIA, USA. And The LORD made me know that this earthquake will be a Mega one to the scale of 9 or 10 on the Richter scale.

The first time The LORD revealed to me this prophesy was on 29th May 2012 and The LORD made me know that:There is still a bigger Earthquake coming to California, USA and this time it will be a 9 or 10 on the Richter scale!!!

And on 5th September 2012, The LORD revealed to me finer details about this upcoming Mega Historical earthquake that will hit California, USA. And The LORD revealed to me and showed me the following: When the earthquake occurred, I was shown various scenes and reporting by the international news channels on the same: I saw written that California film production (Hollywood) had been shattered/shredded; I saw and heard people saying and written that USA has now become like Somalia (Third World Country); I Saw people in some Arab and other nations opposed/enemy/rival to USA celebrating in the streets of their nation (s) on what had befallen USA. Infact I heard them shouting Allah Akbar!!!

In the dream of The LORD, I was telling people that when the LORD showed me this prophetic dream about California earthquake, He made me understand that it was a sign of the very very imminent rapture of the bride of Christ. The LORD even made me proclaim the following in the prophetic dream after the Mega earthquake had hit California: “Look, this is what I have been sharing with you regarding the mega historical earthquake to hit California, it has now happened!!!. Remember when the LORD showed me this prophesy the LORD made me understand that it is the ultimate sign for the rapture and that people have to Repent and be ready for the Rapture, because it can now take place any moment.”

While The LORD was revealing to me this prophesy, He also brought to my attention that other states in the USA are also going to be affected by the earthquake. I don’t know whether this would be another earthquake(s) at another time or it would be the same earthquake. But in the prophetic dream, I clearly saw the state of Virginia to be also going to be hit/affected by a huge earthquake.

The LORD made me understand that the leadership of the United States of America will feel the shaking in whichever place that they will be at the time when the Mega earthquake will hit California. But the LORD made me understand that even though the earthquake was a very clear message from Him, the leadership of the USA will not listen and infact will harden their stubbornness of lack of fear of the LORD God Almighty (JEHOVAH, YAHWEH, ELOHIM, EL-SHADDAI, The God of Israel).

I was made to understand in that very mighty communication of The LORD of 5th September 2012 that in fact the crisis brought by the earthquake would be used by the leadership of USA to have an iron and firm grip in running the affairs of the land. And infact it will be a welcome excuse for them to introduce dictatorship (draconian rule). And so dictatorship is coming to the land of The United States of America; and it will be triggered by the Mega Historical Earthquake that will hit California, USA.

And on 14th December 2012, in yet another very mighty communication of The LORD of the prophesy of The Mega Historical earthquake coming to USA, The LORD made me understand that people will be cut off from food supply for several days. And so The LORD was in essence stressing to me the need to stock up on food and other necessities since in the dream I was a resident in California, USA and I actually was a victim of the cut-off of the supply of food. The LORD made me to experience the situation when the food supply will be cut off from California, USA.

And on 15th March 2013, in another very mighty communication of The LORD on the prophesy of The Mega Historical earthquake coming to California, USA, The LORD God Almighty made me understand that the filth of sexual sin in California, USA has finally reached His throne room in Heaven. And that following this; a judgment has consequently been passed on California, USA. And so a mega historical Earthquake is about to hit California, USA.

3- THE LORD HAS ALSO REVEALED TO ME THE PROPHESY OF THE SPLIT OF THE LAND OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA ALONG A FAULT-LINE. In the first communication of The LORD concerning this on 26th January 2013, The LORD put me in an open plain landscape, a landscape that had what looked like ice/snow on the ground..And as I walked along this place, suddenly the voice of The LORD said: “Half of The United States of America is very cold while the other half of The United States of America is very hot in terms of temperature.” The LORD then made me understand that as a result of this extreme temperature scenario, The United States of America is going to be split into two geographically i.e. the land of the USA is going to be split into two. Immediately The LORD made me understand what His voice meant, I saw the land split into two and I saw very deep and long trench cut across the land. And it went far beyond the horizon. The LORD then made me understand as I looked at the very deep trench, that this half cold and half hot situation of The United States of America also refers to the spiritual condition of the USA. And as a result of these very extreme spiritual conditions in the USA, the land is going to be split into two.

And on 18th July 2013, The LORD had yet another very mighty communication with me concerning the split of the land of the USA. And so in this very mighty revelation of The LORD through a Vision (Trance), I found myself in a place at which I was viewing the land from above (birds eye view). I was then made to understand that this place was The United States of America. As I was looking at the land from above, I suddenly heard a very huge tearing sound; a very sharp and cracking sound like the sound of one tearing a big piece of paper. And then when I looked down from where The LORD had positioned me, I saw the land tearing apart and opening up, as a huge trench opened leaving two parts on either side of the huge trench on the land. As the land was tearing apart, it opened up and thereby creating a huge trench in width and depth, it was moving continuously along the land in a big endless length. And then I saw people in very large numbers falling into the trench as they screamed. People were walking and then suddenly they were thrown into the trench and some buried alive. Whenever this train of the land tearing apart reached, people were falling into the trench suddenly because there was no time to escape; the train of the tear moved so fast leaving no time for the people to escape. The tearing sound continued for a very long time and the opening up of the land continued beyond my view. It looked like the tearing up and opening up of the land was occurring along a fault line because it moved in an almost straight line

This probably is the Madrid fault-line


The LORD revealed to me this on 21st August 2013. And The LORD made me to understand that there is a confrontation and a controversy coming to the earth between The United States of America and Russia. And probably The United States of America is going to lose this confrontation. The LORD also made me understand that water is going to be so contaminated such that any usage of this contaminated water will lead to the pealing off of the skin, leading to a reddish layer on the body. I actually was shown a hand of a person who had washed using this water; and the skin had pealed off leaving a reddish layer on the hand. For some reasons not made known to me I was made to understand that this water was in the Russian territory.

This sounds to me like a military confrontation, where very dangerous weapons are going to be used including even Nuclear weapons. And The LORD made me understand that USA is going to come out as the loser i.e. a lot of destruction, damages and fatalities is most likely going to result from this military attack. And even water is going to be contaminated by toxic elements from the Russian territory.


An this was on 16th August 2012 when in a very mighty communication of The LORD through a prophetic supernatural dream, I found myself walking on a street that The LORD made me understand to be in the USA and as we continued walking, we were stopped by a group of policemen who insisted on checking our bags. We were shocked as this was not an ordinary practice. As they did this, while still in the dream, I was made to understand by a whisper of a voice (The voice of the Spirit of the LORD), and the voice of The LORD said: “this will very soon be the norm in the United States of America”. And I was made to understand that martial Law is very very soon hitting USA and people would be checked/searched like never before.

And I believe the martial law will arise as a result of the above judgments of The LORD coming to USA.


(a)- Because of sexual immorality in the USA. Homosexuality and Lesbianism have become the norm in USA and the President of USA is the chief crusader and defender of this, both internally and also internationally.

(b)-Because of the murder of innocent children and infants through abortion. There is enormous lack of respect for life.

(c )- Because of the Removal of God Almighty and value systems from the institutions and the fabric of the society in the USA including courts and school systems. In most places of USA, they have removed The LORD God Almighty from their system. Even though, the dollar talks of: “In God We Trust” and almost all the speeches of the President of USA ending with: God Bless The United States of America.” The question is: How Can God bless USA yet it is the same God who has declared that homosexuality and Lesbianism to be an abomination, yet majority of the people of USA support this ?

(d)- Because of the Blasphemy of The Holy Spirit especially through the blasphemous filthy movies and films produced at the Hollywood.

(e)- Because the United States of America is leading a silent agenda to divide the land of Israel into East Jerusalem and West Jerusalem etc. This land was given to Abraham through His son Isaac and Jacob, and so anybody who decides to take this land away from Israel is actually setting herself/himself on a collision path with The LORD God Almighty.

(f)- Because of false Shepherds in the church. The house of The LORD has been turned into a place for the love of money and the preaching of prosperity gospel, The churches have been turned into a place of witchcraft and a place for preaching what is called a post-modern gospel; a gospel sweet to the ears of the listeners, a gospel which the itching ears of the listeners want to hear, a compromised gospel.



Even though this explicit message and warning is to The United States of America, it touches on everybody and every nation across the earth because when the judgments of The LORD hits USA, then all the nations and people of the earth will be directly or indirectly be affected.

And as I earlier stated: Nobody knows the day or the hour but these are the signs that usher in the Rapture of the bride of Christ into Heaven. And so I believe some of the above judgments will occur before the rapture of the bride of Christ while some of them will occur after the Rapture (during The Great Tribulation).The unfortunate thing is that very many people are going to die when these judgment(s) hit and so they will suddenly find themselves in Hell for those who shall have not repented of their sins. And so do not wait to see this judgment (s) before you get right with The LORD; because by then it might be too late because some will find themselves in Hell due to sudden destruction(s). Meanwhile the Rapture might even happen at the same time as the judgement(s). And remember also that in the midst of all the above judgements, The LORD God Almighty,The LORD Jesus Christ and The Holy Spirit protects and provide safety for His Children (Those who have Repented of their sins and are living in Righteousness, Holiness, Truth and Complete Surrender to The LORD Jesus Christ) according to Psalm 91.
And remember also that the judgements of The LORD will also move to other nations of the earth, as the earth navigates (moves) into The Great Tribulation period, immediately after the rapture of the bride of Christ. Even though some of the judgements may and will also occur before the Rapture.





Precious Jesus, 

I acknowledge today that you are LORD and savior of all mankind, 

and today I have recognized my shortfall,

I repent and turn away from all sin. 

Please cover me with your precious blood, 

and establish your word in my life, 

that I may be found in righteousness and holiness 

and write my name in your book of life 

and baptize me with the power of the Holy Spirit 

in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. 


Shalom!!! Shalom!!! Shalom!!! 

Kevin Mirasi


  1. Amen! The global stage is indeed being set for the entrance of the antichrist as we see apostasy creeping across the land and around the globe. The judgments coming to the US are deserved. I read how the national weather service is surprised to not see any hurricanes yet. "Beware of the calm before the storm." I'm sure climate change mongers are in disarray as well since we've seen hot & cold temp records, fires and flooding this year.

    Blessed is He who comes in the Name of the Lord.

  2. Great read. Gives me chills. Thank you for taking the time to do God's work and share this. Many people need to take heed to what's about to happen and repent. God bless. -Sister in Christ

  3. even today we still have time, time to repent, time to spread the word of God to the many many who are still unsaved. choose this day who you will serve. In my house, we will serve the Lord.

  4. Get the message out folks, many watchmen and women are speaking the same messages, The Lord does not do anything without first revealing it to His prophets. pray for the lost, plant the seed , pray for those ministering, support them with prayer and finances to reach more, do your bit folks. Be holy.

  5. I Bless the Name of the Almighty God for His love to reveal this before hand.May He bless you servant of God for sharing this, It is reviving my soul to keep cleaning my life and change focus from matterial to sipirtul.

  6. Glynda Linkous {wingsofprophecy} had a recent word from the Lord,that His judgements are coming.That He is going to give America over to its Gods.Yes we are right on the brink.Not much time left.Please pray for me to increase in my sensitivity to the leading of the holy spirit,as to the upcoming writing of my book.So,so many of Gods people are still asleep,they don't have a clue to what is getting ready to come to this country.I am sensing to write a book,to point people in the direction of getting right with God,as well as issuing a solemn warning to what is going to be taking place. God Bless

  7. Kevin
    I have had the tsunami dreams, an earthquake dream and one regarding a Nuclear strike on Russia. These are on my blog, I believe these dreams (and more) of mine and yours are coming from God. I pray that the spirit of Repentance will fall like a blanket on humanity throughout the earth. That the eternal destiny of the lost will be settled with God for Heaven. Blessings, KB

  8. I also have had several end time dreams over the years,Tsunamis, Earthquakes, Military Invasion of the USA,I saw Black hawk helicopters,soldiers,Red flares, Bombs coming out of sky,I have also had a few Rapture dreams where I saw my self looking upon these disasters from afar, I also saw a Mushroom cloud in my dreams as well,,we are indeed with out a doubt the 'Generation" that Jesus spoke of Brothers/Sisters,we must spread the good word that prayer & Repentence may cleanse you so that many more can be lifted from this Horror upon us,God Bless ALL.

  9. Thank you Jesus and thank you Mr. Mirasi. I too saw the great waves on the east coast and the earthquakes to the west. I was given a warning on Sept. 28, 2011 in writing which my son and I found in Jeremiah 50. I couldn't get anyone to believe what I was saying until a week ago. You don't know what a blessing it is to know that other people are going through the same thing. The burden for our country is never ending. I just keep praying for mercy and for the Lord to come back soon. Thank you so much.

  10. Kevin, why is it that people like Kat Kerr says the tribulation is not for a very very long time. Yet Perry Stone says that he met people back in 2008 that said that the mark of the beast will be disguised under mandatory health insurance from Obama. Why would someone who went to Heaven to meet the Lord say that the tribulation is so far away? Is it that these people that went to Heaven like Kat Kerr and Jessie Duplantis don't really care if they are raptured, beheaded because they have such intense hope of Heaven? If so, why aren't they still preparing people to be left behind, and not take the mark of the beast? I am disturbed that they are so close to God yet they keep talking about prospering. Is it that the Lord has not revealed to them the end times and they do not know?

    1. I believe you already know the answer in your heart,but are afraid to face it. Some of these individuals such as Jesse duplantis are Satanic Wolves. Face the truth - Jeremiah 5 : 29,30,31. he love syou and pray for these people that they get saved or right with God as believers, pray for them.God is willing to save anyone - For He Is Not Willing That Any Should Perish, But For All To Come To The Saving Knowledge Of The Truth. If these guys and gals were close to the Lord Jesus they would be seeking the Father's Heart, preaching the whole counsel of His Word that souls would be warned to repent and be saved by faith in Christ by the power of the Holy spirit, not the False god of self. They are a three piece lie on Sunday's best. may The Lord emflame the heart of your life with His love, Amen.

  11. I have been having the same type of tsunami dreams around the Laguna area. three in the last two weeks. I believe Jesus is going to return soon. I just had one last night.

  12. I am NOT saying that this will not happen. It most likely will. But when ??
    I have heard MANY of these so called prophecies on line and YET NOT
    one has come true....

    Stocks are STILL going to records. what about that ??
    seems to me like the END is along time away, a VERY LONG time.

    if stocks turn and start to sell hard, then I think there will be a problem,


  13. I "heard" 17,000 a few months ago. My sense is that God might have been saying that at 17,000 get ready for the DOW to drop

  14. There is a prophet that is not speaking about the judgments, he is in California but only speaks about "increase" and good things in the future!
    His initials are K.C.; feel he is a false prophet. He has a garden where he prays but there is no talk about "sin" and its consequences!

  15. Dearest brother in our Lord: I know your prophetic words are true. For years now the Lord has been giving me prophetic endtimes dreams that include:1) Being herded like cattle down the road, while uniformed men (not American) stand by as the authority (having 3 downward slashes on their necks that I still haven't gotten revelation on); 2) Finding myself in a "cage" inside the earth & able to dig myself out & upon gaining the surface finding that the land where I am standing is black with red embers glowing, desolate, without grass and trees & looking so bleak I questioned whether I was on the earth or the moon; 3) Given a prophetic vision within a dream of a huge asteroid (later finding out it is Apollyon/Apophis--the Destroyer asteroid) coming to strike & wondering if it was going to strike the earth or the moon; 4) Finding no rest or respite for the soles of my feet; 5) Being bound & taken across a desolate landscape, knowing that an asteroid was about to hit directly where I stood, but not fighting anymore--there was no more strength for fight or survival left within me; 6) That a president of the US was going to battle American citizens, wiping out groups at a time as if it were a game to him--using demonic power--& the only thing that saved or hindered him was LIT lamps of oil, thrown onto the "invaders" as they "broke through" the homes of citizens. Even reading material being questioned, & there seemed to be nowhere safe from him. (I was then told, "You have the right idea (about the lit lamps of oil), but you need much oil,"; 7) Black tornadoes with demons riding them, as they plowed through forests (the trees representing people), the tornadoes thick as swarms, bent on destruction, but seeing the Lord's angels swooping in with bright light and brilliant swords (with which the demon-tornadoes evaporated like smoke as they smote them -- I was told this was in Michigan); 8) Watching a pit open in the earth & the blackest of black smoke coming out of it..& as I watched, I saw that as the smoke eventually began to mix with air (it was like ink, so dense, & it took so long to dilute with the air just enough so I could just barely see through it, like a veil), & I saw within the pit smoke the locusts of Revelation--millions of them, with something like black armor or skin on their faces & their gazes fixed & determined to destroy, not looking to the right or left; 9) Cannibalism..enough said..10) Being in a Flintstone's type of car with my angel in the driver's seat, seeing creatures that were like no creatures on earth (like genetic hybrids) running out of a thick forest, looking behind them in fear as if fleeing from something too terrible to imagine, then being driven closer to where I could see a huge beast with 7 heads with few people standing before it, talking with it, the heads on long necks that swayed & writhed, looking in all directions independently, serpentine, but every head different--no crowns yet--but now I realize those people talking to it weren't Believers fighting it but co-conspirators with it. So many dreams & visions..tsunamis too..every kind of destruction there is. The Bride HAS to wake up, not only in the USA (but especially here) & DEVOTE themselves to fasting & prayer not for themselves but for our nation & the nations of the world, for the lost, for conviction with repentance, for the Lord's mercy & that judgments be averted or diminished, for our land to be restored constitutionally & righteously as at the beginning, but more importantly that His will be done on earth as it is in Heaven always. The Lord bless you, my brother. Blessings, glory, honor, power & authority to the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, the Alpha and Omega, the Lord of Hosts Most High, our God & Savior, Redeemer & Friend, the Rock of Ages, our Lord Jesus Christ -- FOREVER & EVER, Amen!

  16. @Stephen: Brother i cannot believe with the flood, the literal DELUGE of information available on the net about the hidden and broad daylight turns for the worse in the US daily life, the prophetic warnings, the desperate attempts to save the dollar, new and insistent warning of a greater and even worse worldwide economic collapse... or the sheer number of people reporting the exact dreams and warning from God- that you would use the man-made, "changes in a second without warning" STOCK EXCHANGE as your basis for when the Lord is going to appear?

    Is this detailed warning not enough to even make you think twice about what you know, or think of as your certainties? For it is highly unlikely tat a man lies down to sleep- and comes out with exact, detailed descriptions out of his own heart. God told Kevin these things, and we can only be grateful He is telling someone so people are not swept away with prior warning.

    Does the Bible not list so many things to watch for- wars, strange weather patterns that affect our earth's productivity and food sources especially, natural disasters, increase in apostasy, hardness of heart and perversions, sharp declines in morality... sigh... and yet you say the sign you're watching for is a sharp turn in stocks? Man... open your eyes. Use your google search engine more, pay ATTENTION. This man has laid out in plain fashion the words God gave him to turn even the hardest heart so no-one has to lose life unnecessarily in these times or be caught unprepared, yet you're saying someone needs prove this to you or give you a timeline you're happy with- you're still not sure? Wow that's a leap.

    (Seeing, they will still refuse to see, and hearing, refuse to hear.) Jesus sure knew people- even back then.

    I'm the visitor from Japan Kevin. i believe, and thank God you shared.

  17. After accepting Jesus as my Lord and Savior, I confess to him that I am a sinner, and ask him to forgive me of all my sins. Is it true that I need to do restitution for some benefits I qualified for as a result of lying that I was single while I was actually married then. Does it matter? since I have repented of all my sins, and have come out of it.

    1. No, it is not true that you have to do restitution for past sin. All you have to concern yourself with is the present. Try to live without sinning the best you can and repent when you do sin. Jesus is only concerned about the present condition of your heart, and that is great news for all us sinners!

    2. Jesus taught restitution when we get saved. Look what Jesus said to the tax collector that was willing to make restitution. Jesus said, this day is salvation come to this house. Ask God what He wants you to do an trust Him to help you do whatever He leads you to do! God bless

  18. Yes he is coming! I think we all have known this for several years but didn't want to face it. It is here now we have to be ready for CHRIST, we do not want to be left out! We cannot imagine what is coming!

  19. I have had the dream of a great war between the USA and another country. I just remember standing there leading an army. The dream was a while ago. I also had seen large waves in my dreams. I was never shown what they ment but I knew it was something since God told me it was important. I pray for everyone in this world to repent and rejoice in Jesus and remember the coming of the rapture.

  20. The end is coming. .it will be for real. Repentfor all of your sins. Ask Jesus to forgive you and live for Him. Ask Him to make you rapture ready.