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The prophesy that The LORD revealed to me on 2nd October 2014, about a Mega Earthquake coming to the earth; a Mega earthquake with very strong aftershocks with many of the aftershocks being listed as Red on the earthquake maps and listings, and whose ramifications would touch many nations and locations of the earth, has accurately been fulfilled 11 months later following the Mega 8.3 magnitude earthquake that has hit the nation of Chile on 16th September 2015.

So, just as the prophesy of The LORD stated that many locations will feel the ramifications of this Mega earthquake, many nations including Brazil, Argentina and Philippines e.t.c also felt the impact of this Mega Chile earthquake. In addition to this, several other areas including California, New Zealand, Hawaii, Japan etc had tsunami alert issued following the Mega Chile earthquake. Actually, tsunami from this mega 8.3 Chile earthquake eventually hit (touched) parts of Hawaii, California, Oregon, Alaska, Japan,Vanuatu and New Zealand etc.

Just as the prophesy stated that there will be many aftershocks including many strong aftershocks listed in RED on earthquake maps and earthquake listings, this has also come to pass with over 66 aftershocks already reported.

When posting and sharing the prophesy of The LORD back then on 2nd October 2014 (11 months earlier), I stated as follows: ‘“In the morning of 2nd October 2014, The LORD God Almighty, The LORD Jesus Christ and The Holy Spirit communicated to me through a vision of the night (Prophetic supernatural dream). So in this vision of The LORD, I found myself in a situation where The LORD made me know that He had a very important revelation He wanted to pass forth to me. So in the vision, I slowed down on my daily chores and activities awaiting this communication of The LORD. So after sometime, probably a few days in the dream, I went on my knees and said the following: “Mighty Father In Heaven, You Can Now Take My Soul!!!” Immediately I said that short prayer, The LORD took me in spirit and I found myself in a place where an earthquake map was presented before me. And as I looked at this real time earthquake map in the vision of The LORD, I then saw a mega earthquake that had hit somewhere here on the earth. The aftershocks were very big and very many to an extent that on the earthquake map there were very many earthquakes that were listed in Red; meaning that they were marked in Red to illustrate their big magnitude. Even though the earthquakes listed were very many and in Red; I was made to understand that they had occurred within a very short time span. As I continued to go through the listing, then the voice of The LORD proclaimed: “This Is a Judgment of The LORD God Almighty upon the Earth”’

I also stated as follows when posting and sharing the prophesy of The LORD back then on 2nd October 2014 (11 months earlier): ‘“The first message that was imparted in my heart from this very mighty communication of The LORD is that there is a mega, historical earthquake that is about to hit the earth. When this earthquake hits, it will be followed by very many numerous big aftershocks that will not only be near the epicenter of the main Mega earthquake but other aftershocks will be in other areas relatively far from the epicenter of the mega earthquake. Infact in the dream, I took quite some time trying to see where the epicenter of the original earthquake was. Even though in my mind in the dream I was looking to see whether this mega earthquake had hit California, USA but what shocked me was that a variety of names of different locations had experienced the aftershock of the main mega earthquake. The aftershocks themselves were so big such that even on the earthquake map, they were also marked in Red, and they were so many until I had to turn to the next page of the earthquake map but still it was still a Red listing. So I don’t know whether the main epicenter of this mega earthquake revealed to me by The LORD in this communication of 2nd October 2014 will be in California, USA or another location on the earth, I also don’t know whether it means that very mega and big earthquakes are about to occur on the earth within a very short time span. But all in all The LORD is now revealing the prophesy of a mega historical earthquake coming to the earth, an earthquake that will be followed by very many big aftershocks in different places (locations) of the earth. And that this mega historical earthquake will happen very very very soon.”’

So it is abstractly clear from the conversation of The LORD above, especially the last sentence above from the Prophesy of The LORD back then on 2nd October 2014 that The LORD was abstractly speaking about the Western Hemisphere (The Western part of the globe/earth); wherein Chile falls in. So essentially the western hemisphere was abstractly where The LORD had put my focus on in the prophesy of The LORD back then on 2nd October 2014; but I wondered then, exactly where the main epicenter of the then prophesy of a Mega earthquake coming to the earth would be located; an earthquake with many big aftershocks (Red listed aftershocks on the earthquake maps and listings). It is very important to note that this Mega Chile (Western Hemisphere) earthquake of Magnitude 8.3 eventually touched many places ( locations) including shaking Brazil and Argentina etc. And even New Zealand and even California, USA was touched with a Tsunami (albeit a small one), same as Hawaii, USA.

Furthermore, I also stated as follows when posting and sharing the prophesy of The LORD back then on 2nd October 2014: ‘“The second message that was imparted in my heart from this very mighty communication of The LORD is that this mega historical earthquake that is coming to the earth will be a judgment of The LORD God Almighty. What the voice of The LORD proclaimed in the vision: “This Is a Judgment of The LORD God Almighty upon the Earth” So The LORD God Almighty has got a controversy with the people of the earth, and the only remedy is to submit oneself in humility before The LORD by embracing absolute and sincere Repentance for the forgiveness of sins and thereby walking in Righteousness, Holiness, Truth and Complete Surrender to The LORD Jesus Christ.”’

This prophesy of The LORD was titled as follows when I was posting and sharing it across on 2nd October 2014: “Prophesy of A Mega Historical Earthquake Coming To The Earth Very Very Very Soon As A Judgment of The LORD”



(a)- ‘“A powerful 8.3-magnitude earthquake struck Chile, generating a nearly 16-foot wave, prompting the evacuation of about 1 million people and triggering tsunami advisories as far away as California. Authorities reported at least five deaths.””

(b)- ‘“Chile's national emergency agency issued a tsunami alert, ordering evacuations in coastal areas from Arica to Puerto Aysen. Large tsunami waves washed along the Chilean coast near the quake's epicenter. In Coquimbo, a 15.6-foot wave became the largest to land on the shores of Chile, according to the U.S. National Tsunami Warning center.”’

(c )- ‘“Tsunami advisories were issued thousands of miles away, including in Hawaii and California. A tsunami advisory was issued for the coastal areas of Southern California, which means strong currents are likely and residents should stay away from the shore. Los Angeles, Orange and San Diego counties warned residents to stay away from beaches and harbors due to the chances of strong currents. But authorities in the three counties said land inundation is not expected.”’

(d)- ‘“Even New Zealand, which is 6,000 miles away from the quake's epicenter, issued a tsunami warning. Strong tidal currents and large waves are expected in some areas, said Shane Bayley of New Zealand's Ministry of Civil Defence.”’

(e)- ‘“In La Serena, a coastal city just north of Coquimbo, pictures taken at a shopping mall showed walls and signs toppled to the floor, ceiling tiles caved in as well as chairs, benches and tables covered in rubble. Coquimbo Mayor Cristian Galleguillos told CNN Chile that 95% of the city had lost electrical power. Residents evacuated before waves started hitting the coastline, he said. The earthquake also triggered tsunami warnings across a wide area stretching north to the California Coast and across the Pacific Ocean to Hawaii and even as far as New Zealand. Three-feet waves are expected to hit the coast of New Zealand by midnight local time. Measuring 8.3 on the Richter scale, the earthquake struck at 7.54pm, with its epicentre 34 miles west of Illapel, a town of 30,000 people. Such was the force of the tremor that it was felt by people living in Buenos Aires, 970 miles away.”’

(f)- ‘“It struck as thousands of Chileans were travelling to coastal areas to celebrate a week of national holidays. Waves up to 15 feet high pounded the Chile coast.”’

(g)- ‘“There were also reports that the quake was felt as far away as São Paulo in south-east Brazil, more than 2,000 miles away, writes Donna Bowater in Rio de Janeiro. Simone Borges, a dental surgeon who lives close to the centre of the city, told Estadão de São Paulo: “I live on the last floor of my building, the 15th floor. We left home because it shook a lot, my light was swinging, I was really scared and I ended up thinking it was a structural problem in the building.” Fire and rescue services reportedly received around 50 calls about tremors in Avenida Paulista, the main road through São Paulo. There were other reports of tremors in Santos on the coast. In some Argentine provinces like Mendoza, the earthquake was "strongly felt", the BBC’S Ignacio de los Reyes said. Meanwhile in Buenos Aires, many buildings had to be evacuated, the correspondent reported. In New Zealand, at least one school had to be evacuated.”’

(h)-‘“The New Zealand minister for civil defence, Nikki Kaye, urged east coast residents in the path of any potential tsunami to stay out of the the ocean, out of boats and off beaches.”’

(i)- ‘“In the Chilean capital, Santiago, more than 230km from the epicentre of the quake, buildings swayed and thousands fled their homes to take refuge in the streets. Car alarms were set off in Buenos Aires – more than 1,100km away on the Atlantic side of the South American continent. Public buildings, including the campus of the University of Buenos Aires, were evacuated. High-rises in the neighbourhoods of Belgrano and Palermo swayed so much that many ran out into the streets. Other Argentinian cities including Rosario and Mendoza reported mass evacuations.”’

(j)- ‘“A powerful magnitude-8.3 earthquake hit off Chile's northern coast Wednesday night, causing buildings to sway in Santiago and bringing flooding from small tsunami waves in some shore towns. Officials reported five deaths, and roughly a million people fled their homes.”’

(k)- “Authorities had issued a tsunami alert for Chile's entire Pacific coast, and the tremor was so strong that people on the other side of the continent, in Buenos Aires, Argentina, reported feeling it.”

(i)- ‘“Numerous strong aftershocks, including one measuring 7.0 magnitude and three above 6, rattled the region after the first major tremor since a powerful quake and tsunami killed hundreds in 2010 and leveled part of the city of Concepcion in south-central Chile.”’

(m)- ‘“Jorge Medina, a Santiago resident, said he was in an aerobics class when the quake hit. "People started screaming that everything was shaking," he said. Officials ordered people to evacuate low-lying areas along the 2,400 miles of Chile's Pacific shore, from Puerto Aysen in the south to Arica in the north. Fishing boats headed out to sea and cars streamed inland carrying people to higher ground. Santiago's main airport was evacuated as a precaution and authorities announced classes would be suspended in the port city of Valparaiso on Thursday. Chile state TV showed water flowing in streets of Concon, a coastal town known for its beautiful beaches that is close to Valparaiso.”’

(n)- ‘“Authorities said some adobe houses collapsed in the inland city of Illapel, about 175 miles north of Santiago. Illapel is about 34 miles east of the quake's epicenter.”’

(o)- ‘“A major earthquake just offshore rattled Chileans, killing five people and shaking the Earth so strongly the tremor was felt in places across South America. Authorities worked into the early hours Thursday assessing damage in several coastal towns that saw flooding from small tsunami waves set off by the quake.”’

(p)- ‘“The brunt of the damage was borne by coastal areas where houses and fishing-boats were smashed by waves. The coastal town of Coquimbo was hit by waves of up to 4.5 meters (15 feet) after the earthquake, Chile's navy said. "We're going through a really grave situation with the tsunami. We have residential neighborhoods that have flooded. The ocean has reached the downtown area," said Coquimbo Mayor Cristian Galleguillos. Residents reported looting of evacuated houses in Los Vilos, another seaside town, its mayor said. Chile is due to celebrate its national holiday on Friday, but roads were cut off and public transport canceled between Santiago and the north, local media reported.”’

(q)- “An aftershock with a magnitude of 4.7 occurred near General Santos, Mindanao, Philippines.”

(r)- ‘“In the U.S., initial tsunami waves arrived in the Hawaiian Islands, with a magnitude of 3 feet measured at Hilo and 2.2 feet in Kahului, Maui. A 2-3 inch rise was also measured at Honolulu. A tide gauge at Santa Monica, California, measured the initial tsunami wave early Thursday morning, with a fluctuation of about one foot in less than 15 minutes, according to the National Weather Service in Oxnard.Initial tsunami waves were also detected Thursday morning at la jolla, California and Monterey Harbor. The lead tsunami waves reached as far west as the Chatham Islands east of New Zealand's two main islands Thursday morning U.S. time, where a 1.2 foot wave height was measured at Owenga. The gauge in Coquimbo, Chile, recorded three tsunami waves of at least 4 meters (13 feet) each, including a maximum tsunami wave height 15.1 feet above normal tide levels. Several other Chilean coastal cities have recorded tsunami waves as well, though none nearly as dramatic as those in Coquimbo.”'

(s)- ‘“Thousands of Illapel residents slept outside Thursday night after the temblor destroyed their homes. Many of those people were inside their dwellings, some made of concrete, when the intense shaking began. "I thought it was the end of the world and we were going to die," said Illapel resident Manuel Moya, who slept on the ground after his home was destroyed.”’



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Headline: Chile Rocked By Deadly 8.3 Magnitude Earthquake

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Headline: Tsunami warnings from California to New Zealand after 8.3 quake hits Chile


Headline: Minor Tsunami Wave Reaches Catham Islands (New Zealand) after Chile quake

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Headline: Huge 8.3 quake, over two dozen aftershocks shake Chile, trigger tsunami waves

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Headline: Magnitude-8.3 temblor jolts Chile’s capital, prompts tsunami alert across Pacific



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