Saturday, 13 February 2016


I have today joined WhatsApp and has created a WhatsApp Group known as: SHEPHERDING THE FLOCK:

Therein I will mostly be posting the Teachings of The LORD. If you want to partake of the same, you can inbox me or send me your number (Including the country code), so that I include you in the group. You can thereafter even post and share the messages in other WhatsApp groups as you deem fit.


On something else, even as I prepare to leave for Europe next week, The LORD gave me a vision on 11th February 2016. So in this vision (supernatural dream) of The LORD, I see myself arriving for a Sacred Assembly of The LORD in Europe. So while transitioning at the Airport, I see this lady by-passing me and she says to me: “Seoul”. Then I respond to her and ask her: “Seoul, South Korea?”. Then I tell her: “Okay, I will come to Seoul, South Korea.”

The vision of The LORD then ended.

The message imparted in my heart from this communication of The LORD is that a time has come when The LORD is now sending me forth to nations. So even as I go to Europe, South Korea (and perhaps even Malaysia, Singapore and other Asian countries e.t.c) is another task of The LORD waiting. Remember, The LORD has also spoken to me about going forth for Sacred Assemblies of The LORD in other nations (I have in the past heard: USA, Canada, Liberia, Mexico, Uganda e.t.c).

It is also very important to note that even though there are tasks of The LORD before The Rapture of the Bride of Christ, but it is also very true that The LORD will also send forth His Special End-Time Army to the earth (various nations) during The Great Tribulation Period. This include the Two Witnesses and The Third Witness (the 144,000 sealed servants of The LORD), who will basically be based in Jerusalem Israel, but will also be sent forth to the nations of the earth during The Great Tribulation Period.


Anyway, back to WhatsApp: Inbox me or send me your number (including the Country code) and I will include you in the WhatsApp group known as: SHEPHERDING THE FLOCK:


Your Brother in Christ and a Shepherd of The LORD:

Kevin Mirasi


  1. Is it going to be the exact same posts as on this the prophetic visions etc .or what were you planning on posting there? Are you going to post what you post on whatsapp on here as well? In addition to the regular vision postings?
    Is there a cost to whatsapp? Not familiar with how it works or the benefits. .please explain why you're adding this service. .have readers requested it? Or the Lord asked you to do it to gain more avenues to get the message of salvation out? Don't know if I should be joining yet or not cuz need more information. Thank you

    1. Amen,

      What is posted here is what will be posted in the WhatsApp.

  2. Thank you. .so its just another Avenue to further send the messages out. .I see. Thank you
    May God richly bless you in this new additional path as well. May many more come to the Lord.

  3. This is another effective means of reaching friends and relatives with the word. I have been doing it and would encourage all to partake in order to spread the messages and the warnings from the Lord.

    Thanks and God bless you Man of God.