Saturday, 9 April 2016


The First point that we need to note is that we need (ought) to be alert all the times because nobody knows the day or the hour for the Rapture of the Bride of Christ except God The Father. This is the reality check that is captured in the book of Mathew 24:36 which states as follows: “But about that day or hour no one knows, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father.” This means that we have to be alert all the times by ensuring that we stick to the Highway of The LORD (The Highway of Holiness) because when the signal is given in Heaven by God The Father (JEHOVAH, YAHWEH, The Great I AM) and the trumpet sound is made for the Rapture to occur, only those who are faithfully walking on The Highway of The LORD (The Highway of Holiness) will be raptured by The LORD Jesus Christ and they will enter into Heaven.

The Second point to note is that even though nobody knows the day or the hour for the Rapture of The bride of Christ (The Holy Church) to occur except God The Father, there is however a call for preparation for the Rapture and a clarion call to its imminence based on the signs of the times in the sky, on the earth and even in the spiritual realm through visions and dreams through the outpour of the anointing of The Holy Spirit when The LORD will now raise His servants (Both men and women, young and old) to call people to enter into the ark, because the door will be about to be shut. These servants, like Noah will urge people to prepare the way for the coming of The LORD Jesus Christ because once The LORD comes and shuts the door then judgment hits the earth and those who did not heed to the call of The LORD will face The Great Tribulation upon the earth. Those who fail and refuse to heed to the call of The LORD to prepare the way for the Rapture of the bride of Christ will have been so immersed in wickedness, lukewarmness and the illicit pleasure of worldly and sinful lifestyle of drunkenness, idolatry, sexual immorality, corruption, selfishness, pride, hate etc and so will not pay attention to the requirement to enter into the ark, which is: The Highway of Holiness, The Highway of Repentance, The Highway of Righteousness, The Highway of Truth, The Highway of Complete Surrender to The LORD Jesus Christ. This is very powerfully captured in the book of Mathew 24:37-39 which states as follows: ‘“As it was in the days of Noah, so it will be at the coming of the Son of Man. For in the days before the flood, people were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, up to the day Noah entered the ark; and they knew nothing about what would happen until the flood came and took them all away. That is how it will be at the coming of the Son of Man.”’

The Third point to note is that people will be involved in different activities, duties, chores, engagements and responsibilities everywhere in the houses, in vehicles, in airplanes, in churches, in hospitals, in schools, in marketplace, in meetings, in debates, in discussions, in fellowships, in worship, in prayer etc and amongst these will be those who shall have been purified, cleansed, washed, refined and sanctified and so will have taken to the Highway of Holiness; these will be Raptured, the rest will be left behind (including the lukewarm church and lukewarm church leaders and pastors) because they shall have not taken to The Highway of The LORD (The Highway of Repentance, The Highway of Righteousness, The Highway of Holiness, The Highway of Truth, The Highway of Complete Surrender to The LORD Jesus Christ). So the separation will also occur even right at the moment of the Rapture of the Bride of Christ. This is very powerfully captured in the book of Mathew 24:40-41 which states as follows: “Two men will be in the field; one will be taken and the other left. Two women will be grinding with a hand mill; one will be taken and the other left.”

The Fourth point to note is that we are all required and instructed to be Ready, due to the reality that: nobody knows the day or the hour for the Rapture of The bride of Christ (The Holy Church) to occur except God The Father. Only The LORD can help and make us Ready for His coming to Rapture His Bride. So, by being instructed to be Ready is a clarion call by The LORD to everyone everywhere on the earth to surrender and submit themselves (their soul, spirit, mind, heart and body) to The LORD so that He (The LORD) may make us ready for His coming to Rapture His bride into Heaven. Everybody everywhere is actually further instructed to: “look up for your redemption has drawn near”, especially when the signs of the times starts to manifest and unfold as it currently does at this particular point in time when we are at the verge of The End of the Church era (when The Rapture of The Holy Church of Christ occurs). This is very powerfully summarized in the book of Mathew 24:42-44 which states as follows: ‘“Therefore keep watch, because you do not know on what day your Lord will come. But understand this: If the owner of the house had known at what time of night the thief was coming, he would have kept watch and would not have let his house be broken into. So you also must be ready, because the Son of Man will come at an hour when you do not expect him.”’

The Fifth point to note is that The LORD has raised His sons and daughters across the earth to serve Him at this point in time, as they walk on the Highway of Holiness and lead and direct others towards the Highway of Holiness (The Highway of The LORD/The Narrow road). They preach the word of God as they lead and direct the flock towards a worship in Truth and in Spirit (The Holy Spirit) and they prepare the flock to enter into Heaven by directing them and leading them towards being Ready for the coming of The LORD Jesus Christ to Rapture His Bride by directing the flock (The congregation/the fellowship) to the Highway of Holiness, hence the WORD regarding them: “Who then is the faithful and wise servant, whom the master has put in charge of the servants in his household to give them their food at the proper time?.

The theme of their message at this particular point in time as they give the flock their food (Spiritual nourishment and food of Repentance, Righteousness, Holiness, Truth and Complete Surrender to The LORD Jesus Christ) at the proper time (The watchful time before The LORD Jesus Christ comes to Rapture His Bride) is: “Prepare The Way of The LORD, Make His Paths Straight.” The Holy Church is the one that walks on the Highway of Holiness, and it’s her that gets Raptured into Heaven when The LORD Jesus Christ comes to Rapture His Bride; because The Holy Church is The Bride of Christ. But at the same time there are false, fake and foolish servants who have arisen and have fallen from the path of The LORD (The Highway of Holiness); these do not subscribe to the teachings and the Ways and the Requirements of The LORD found in The Highway of The LORD (The Highway of Holiness). They introduce another teaching, another “gospel”, and another directive that is geared towards taking people to the Broad road instead of the Narrow road of The LORD. They preach prosperity gospel and an “all inclusive gospel” that preaches “Religious tolerance” and “Religious/Interfaith Consensus, Congruence and Understanding”. They have become careless, lazy, busybodies, unfaithful and foolish in their service. When The LORD Jesus Christ comes to Rapture His bride, they (together with their congregation) will not be found on the Highway of Holiness hence will not be raptured, but will be left together with those walking on the Broad Road to face The Great Tribulation period and Hell if they don’t repent of their sins and if they take the Mark of the Beast.

This is very powerfully captured in the book of Mathew 24: 45-51 which states as follows: ‘“Who then is the faithful and wise servant, whom the master has put in charge of the servants in his household to give them their food at the proper time? It will be good for that servant whose master finds him doing so when he returns. Truly I tell you, he will put him in charge of all his possessions. But suppose that servant is wicked and says to himself, ‘My master is staying away a long time,’ and he then begins to beat his fellow servants and to eat and drink with drunkards. The master of that servant will come on a day when he does not expect him and at an hour he is not aware of. He will cut him to pieces and assign him a place with the hypocrites, where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth.”’ This is also very beautifully and very powerfully captured in the book of Luke 21:34-36 which states as follows: ‘“Be careful, or your hearts will be weighed down with carousing, drunkenness and the anxieties of life, and that day will close on you suddenly like a trap. For it will come on all those who live on the face of the whole earth. Be always on the watch, and pray that you may be able to escape all that is about to happen, and that you may be able to stand before the Son of Man.”’




Precious Jesus,

I acknowledge today that you are LORD and Savior of all mankind,

and today I have recognized my shortfall,

I Repent and turn away from all Sin.

Please cover me with your Precious Blood,

and establish your Word in my life,

that I may be found in Righteousness and Holiness

and write my name in your Book of Life

and baptize me with the power of the Holy Spirit

in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.


Your Brother in Christ and a Shepherd of The LORD,

Kevin Mirasi


  1. Thanks for sharing the message prophet. For I have been praying and fasting all this weekfor my country(Ghana) and other countries in Africa and rest of the world. Who are very corrupted and wicked and for them to return from their sinful ways. TO PREPARE FOR THE WAY OF THE LORD!!!

  2. May WE Always have oil in us... May we all produse the fruit of repentance... May the Lord YAHUSHUA HA MASHIAC write our name in the book of Life... May He gives us Strengh to fight the good fight... May we Always be hot for His Truth because He is Holy and Truth and doesn't WORK with lies.. May He give us discernment and Wisdom.. May He open our ears and eyes to ear and see... May many chose to follow His Holy way

  3. Will there be anything to look forward to in heaven that's worth us giving up our lives for Jesus and to make the rapture?

    1. Absolutely. But that's a good question to ask yourself. Do you want to be there or not. If not sure about Jesus and heaven please listen to testimony of Dr.Percy Collett on YouTube channel of Joe Walker. Percy has a 12 part testimony of heaven. Jesus took him there for 5.5 hours after he'd been praying for 7years to get to see heaven. Heaven is 80x the size of earth and he says Jesus told him 7million angels will come for us at Rapture. Amazing. You get to see God the Father,Jesus,and Holy Spirit there. That's worth it alone. You'll feel absolute peace and safety there that you can't find on this earth. There's pure love joy peace happiness and you'll love being there no questions about it. Not one person yet that's been to heaven would choose hell instead. You've got to listen to Percy's testimony. I've only heard the first 3 so far and it sounds amazing. Your other choice is staying on earth and absorbing the wrath of God so it's not going to be life per normal anymore after Rapture, it's the end of good old days so please choose Jesus and to go in Rapture. If you miss Rapture or choose not to want to go you'll have to get beheaded get your head cut off for Jesus then and that's going to be the new only way to get to heaven then. The current option of just asking Jesus into heart to forgive sins will expire and Jesus says you'll have to die for Him then to still be allowed into heaven. If you miss the chance now before Rapture and choose not to die for Jesus after Rapture then the only place you could live for eternity would be hell then. It's stinky smelly 8feet worms and there's snakes tormenting you and its so hot and no water, dark there, weeping and gnashing of teeth, and be naked forever. check testimony of Bill Weise he spent 23 minutes in hell in vision. Google it..23 minutes in hell by Bill Weise.

    2. Continued. .but your question is interesting. .will there be anything worth giving up our lives to make Rapture? Jesus gave up His life so that we could even have this chance to spend eternity in heaven. Another thing. .this planet earth won't be the same after Rapture anyways, it'll be the place of the great full wrath of God and you'll have tons of disasters hitting earth, locusts tormenting people for 5 months, Planet X debris field bombarding earth. .asteroids, fireballs, earthquakes etc. In 3.5 years after Rapture earth will burn up anyways by 2019 2020. So there's not much time to 'live' here per se anyways. After Rapture world changes for good anyways. It's the last few days of God's 6000 year mark.then 1000 year millennial reign will start with Jesus reigning over earth but new heaven and earth. So life as you know it is truly ending at Rapture.Ww3 will break out. In heaven it's pure happiness so why choose to miss Rapture and stay for pure misery instead?
      In heaven no sickness no housing issues no high food prices or high tuition or gas costs, no job losses, no financial issues, no riots, everything is perfect all the time. It's worth everything TO make it into Rapture. It's the believers DREAM to get there so don't miss your chance. After Rapture you'll have to lay down your life to still make it into heaven, do it now by just a prayer, ask Jesus to reveal heaven to you and He will. Then you'll be sure you're making right decision.
      It's time to pick your eternal life resting place because time's up for that to happen. Can't wish for more normal life cuz it won't be like that anymore.
      Hope this helps you understand that more. Rapture. .absolutely important to get included. Tell all your friends and get saved together and go up in Rapture together.
      Only in heaven it's 'heaven'.God bless you.

    3. All I wanna see/be with is Jesus. Seeing my family/loved ones and fellow saved ones, the majesty of an glorious perfect kingdom of peace with no tears or fears and the perfect home built for me, eternal peace and safety etc etc etc compare nothing to just being in the presence of Jesus. If that is not the be all and end all for you then you may need to ask yourself some very important questions. You can read books on heaven by people such as katt Kerr, Odin Heterick etc etc , see them on Amazon but its Jesus mate that is the main attraction. And just to add, giving up your so to speak brings you a martyrs crown. as a Christian we do not become martyrs like those in islam do, we are killed, they kill. We convert through love not fear and the sword. Come Lord Jesus.

    4. Beloved Ali, let's all understand that, the most precious and worthy of dying for is ETERNAL LIFE!
      This, indeed, is what the Lord Jesus Christ has assured us of.
      I love that truth and am stopping at nothing to enter the gates of Heaven, through the AWESOME POWER OF THE HOLY SPIRIT in JESUS' mighty name. Amen.
      Hope to see everyone there!!!

    5. Don't speak blasphemy and nonsense. If you do not make it to heaven then you will end up in hell where you will be tormented day and night by the eternal fire that is much hotter than anything on earth. Every person who ends up in hell experiences God's wrath forever. Don't let yourself end up in hell. Strive to enter through the narrow gate so that you may be found worthy by God to live in His presence forever and ever.

    6. The ultimate rewards in heaven is God. Being in His presence for eternity. Believe me, He is all you need. For your God is your everything. The ultimate sacrifice those people who landed in hell is being separated in the presence of God. For the had been given a chance here on earth to claim the free gift of salvation God has offered to them through His Son Jesus but they rejected it. So for eternity they had been casts out in the presence of God, The God Who protects them against the enemies. In absence of God it the absence of all the good things and life. For God is life, He is light, He is your Savior, He is Your "Great I AM", where God is an so His Blessings and Graces. In absence of HIm is darkness and sufferings in the hands of the enemy and his minions. He is your ultimate rewards that is awaiting in Heaven, for thine is the Kingdom, the power and the Glory now and forever!

    7. Dear Ali and anyone wondering about the beauty and wonder of life in heaven,

      One thing to make clear is that before we enter into the eternal heavenly life, we first have the one thousand years on this earth under Jesus' perfect reign (I believe that this earth will not pass away until that final 1000 years is over, because it will be the period in which God will prove the true beauty and potential of this earth, when it is not abused and destroyed by man's greed for money and power. It will be regenerated and become renewed back to its full glory because it will no longer be pillaged for the purposes of military control and weaponisation/destructive industrialisation.)

      During the millenial reign, I believe that we will finally live life how the Creator intended for us... we will learn the power of humility in Christ and a sinless, selfless, perfect life, but we will also discover our true creative potential. I sincerely believe that you will find the perfect life pursuit that if you knew it now you would enjoy this role and never get bored... whether it be as a musician, dramatic performer, gardner, lanscaper or earth conservationist, scientist/inventor (i think the best and most amazing inventions have yet to be discovered), infrastructure engineer, jewellery maker, architect, teacher (who loves to teach the upcoming children things about the world so they can do amazing things) etc.

    8. Remember that we have not yet discovered all the available riches and wealth in the earth, but the good thing is that no one will be allowed (or even want) to waste earth's resources on expensive military equipment or space programs. In fact, we are very likely going to be able to fly anyway. We will certainly be able to play with and ride animals like panther, lions, even the dinosaurs which God will revive and resurrect (I think).

      So the question is, "If you have a God who loves you and wants the best for you, and wants you to live how you were meant to (created for), and he will do everything to help you and nurture you to do that, what is it that you would love to do for God's glory... meaning, how would you make your Creator proud, how would you show that God is a loving God who cares for your life and what you do and wants you to reach your creative potential? What would you love to do as a job on this earth to give your love back to God?

      Furthermore, you will have many friends who care about you like brother Kevin and myself (in fact everyone) who will be prepared to coach you, stand by you, support you... the right mix of appropriate friends to help you along the way, and of course the King himself, Jesus Christ, the ultimate friend.

      But more than that, you will also have a life partner if you so choose. Did you know that during the thousand year reign, people will still have children, just like they did before? Even when they are 1000 years old. Please do not believe the lie of being given 10 virgins in heaven if you become a suicide bomber or such like. Anyone who chooses to follow the lies of selfish deception and hatred of fellow mankind will have no option but to follow Satan and the false prophets and deceptive angels (demons) in hell, the eternal pit of tormenting fire of God's wrath.

      But if we choose life, seek God, follow after faith, humility and righteousness, and the kingdom of God, we have much to look forward to.

    9. Not only that, we will no longer have sad and debilitating illnesses and conditions to deal with. Our bodies will be perfect and will work like the most healthy and youthful twenty-something year olds. No cancers, no depression, bipolar, autism, mental conditions, or even certain personal conditions that might affect your intimate relationship with your beloved spouse, for all these conditions have their real root in the old world, not the renewed earth of the millenial kingdom. And any residual conditions or toxins will be done away with by the fruits and leaves of the tree that exists for the healing of the nations. But basically, I believe you will have the perfect spouse should you choose, like Adam and Eve were, at least during the millenial kingdom. It will be bliss knowing that God has ordained the relationship and that he blesses it and continues to declare the age old command for this earth... be fruitful and multiply.

      Now after the 1000 years, the new heaven and earth will be installed, the old will pass away finally after we have experienced its full glory in Christ. This will be even better.

      Hear are some other ideas, but I cannot base it on the bible but only speculate and use common sense. Maybe my words just won't be able to express the beauty and awe in fullness.

      Imagine being able to travel through space. In fact, imagine that God has even prepared a planet for each one of us, that we can explore with our friends. Imagine God revealing to his people the mysteries of the universe, the timing of the stars and of the signs throughout history. Imagine God had created a star at the beginning of the universe that would represent your birth, just like there were stars and signs in the sun, moon and stars that represented Christ's earthly birth and death.

      Now, how long do you think it would take to watch every movie ever made by humans, one per day, back to back? And on the largest screen ever so that everyone could see at once? Well, in heaven, we might be watching/experiencing the life stories of God's people and how he helped each one individially in their darkest hours of suffering, pain, rejection and persrcution. If you are/become a child of God, your story will be told of how God showed his love and mercy on your life When you had the deepest hurt and suffering, especially those who faced death for the sake of their Lord, Saviour, Creator and True Friend, the Good Shepherd Jesus Christ, or those who faced oppression or rape etc. Think of the many who have suffered in North Korea or in ISIS-style regimes and many others throughout history.

      But we won't need plasma screens because I am sure God is able to communicate to is in visions and all at once of he chooses. Or perhaps he will allow his people to create recreations, like plays... who knows.

      But like many others have posted, the best thing is that we will be living under the peace and protection of Jesus. He is our big brother. His is a kingdom of love and goodness, peace and hope.

      Believe in him and seek him, his ways and his righteousness today.

      Search out Kevin's posts on heaven, living in the way etc.

      Or search: gospel 7 shades
      For more on Seeking God and on love, faith, life and the way of Jesus.

      I think the Fuel Project has a video series on the book of revelations that covers the topic of heaven. Or it could be in the video series Know Your Enemy...

      God bless. Keep seeking after Jesus Christ, Seek after God with a true and sincere heart, asking for faith to believe in the words of life, and you will find him. He will draw near to you. Learn his ways of meekness and humility. Matthew 11:28-30.

  4. Sorry. .5.5 days in heaven for Dr. Percy Collett, not 5.5 hours as listed in previous comments

  5. Sorry. One site said 12 part series for Dr Percy Collet testimonies but I only found 8 and some sites even have it condensed into about 3.5 hours to save time. Blessings