Friday, 24 June 2016


I have never seen things move so fast in a country, as it does now in Britain. Britain voted on 23rd June 2016 to leave The European Union, the British economy and the financial system plummets very sharply historically, the Global Financial Markets reacts sharply to the move of the exit (BREXIT), The UK Prime Minister David Cameron then resigns following the vote. Europe (the European Union) is also reeling Morally, Emotionally, Socially, Geographically, Politically, Financially and Economically from the heat generated by Britain’s exit from EU.

The British Ship (and indeed by extension European Union) must for sure be sailing in uncertain and uncharted waters. I hope it steadies soon, even though I’m alive to the fact that these are the days of Birth Pains (that includes Famine, Financial & Economic crisis, Shakings, Kingdom rising against kingdom E.T.C). I’m also alive to the vision The LORD revealed to me on 22nd November 2014 about a very serious financial and economic crisis coming to Britain. I’m also alive to the vision that The LORD revealed to me on 22nd June 2016 about the rise of the Beast, and the increase of his influence and tentacles in Europe (Perhaps, a Europe in Crisis: Financially, Economically, Politically, Geographically, Geologically, Technologically, Security-wise, Socially).

I’m also alive to the fact that those (Including the ones in Britain and other European regions) whose trust is The LORD Jesus Christ, will be Comforted and indeed Protected in the Presence of The LORD.


Your Brother in Christ Jesus and a Shepherd of The LORD,

Kevin Mirasi

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  1. It's a wise people that rectify a mistake, rather than doubling down on something. What good comes from a bloated and encumbering centralized authority that gives no say at a local level? What kind of a person has no trust in others, to the extent that they wish to make all the decisions for another? It certainly was telling as to see the humble reactions of the exit folks. And then you see the biased news coverage, describing what punishment shall be dolled out. What they choose to ignore is that it was the right decision, regardless of whatever happens. But this is such in people that are lacking. In a couple of years the dynamic of the UK may have changed to the point where this would not be possible. So why take several years to get out, I suspect that would be the plan, but I would not delay at this point.
    It's a sad thing to see such a large block of people so deceived into thinking that a body such as the EU is good for the UK. As you point out with much of what you say Kevin, should not others take note. Kind of like how water in California is being blown out of reservoirs by federal bureaucrats for a fish, over the rights of people to take that water for farming or watering lawns or whatever, or the thousand other decisions forced upon others every day.
    Backing off of centralized command and control authority is never a bad thing. Although there are people with alluring arguments for just that, a wise individual knows what comes of such things. They would argue that chaos would ensue, but that's why you have good, humble leaders at a local level, that do have authority, not people from large cities levying all kinds of trivial rules against a people that they have no understanding or respect for.

    They require you to dig with a spoon, and we shall say to them, you dig it as such, and if you don't like it, too bad, for that is what you were more than happy to have me doing.
    Does not anyone get the sense that the ones that oppose are lacking something now? Things may have been very easy for them in the past, but they just seem to be lacking that which made things easy for them, easy to hide, easy to impose their will.