Sunday, 19 June 2016


No, Israel cannot let go of Golan Heights, because that is the heights from which they watch Syria and other Northern territories (Countries) in Securing their Northern border.

No, Israel can’t let go of Samaria and Judea (which includes Jericho, Bethlehem, Nazareth, the Sea of Galilee and River Jordan); the Biblically very significant Holy sites.

No, Israel can’t let go of Mediterranean Sea-linked Gaza Strip, even though they are administratively temporarily out of there as at now, because the land they were given by YAHWEH (The Great I AM) extended to the Mediterranean Sea on the Western side of their land.

No, Israel can’t let go of East Jerusalem, because Jerusalem was given intact and must remain intact eternally; for it is the Eternal Capital of Israel; The City of God.

Just Let Israel be and Intact.


Pray for Israel. Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem: Shalom Jerusalem.

BARUCH HASHEM ADONAI (Blessed Be The Name of The LORD).

BARUCH HABA B’SHEM ADONAI (Blessed Is He Who Comes in The Name of The LORD).


1-When Israel was scattered from the Holy Land, they were scattered into many nations, but The LORD promised to bring them back. During their exile, some other people moved into their Land, and re-named it Palestine; and these people are now claiming it to be theirs. In 1948, The LORD allowed the modern-day state of Israel to be re-established, and thereby they came back from wherever they had been scattered in the nations, back to their Original Land: The Holy Land of Israel.

Israelites were never "absentee Landlords", they had just taken a "long walk", but now they are back; from 1948.

2-Israel will soon be forced to sign a Peace Treaty with a Block of nations. This Peace Treaty will not last, because it will be a False Peace.

Arab Peace Initiative, French Peace Initiative or any other so called Peace Initiatives cannot bring Genuine Peace to Israel. The Real Peace will only come to Israel when they will declare that: “Blessed is He who Comes in The Name of The LORD”. For He is the Prince of Peace; The LORD Jesus Christ (Yeshua Ha Mashiach).


Your Brother in Christ Jesus and a Shepherd of The LORD,

 Kevin Mirasi


  1. May Ysrael day Blessed be The one who come in the name of the Lord who redeemes Israel the in the name of the Holy Son of the Creator

  2. Your boldness is as always, a breath of fresh air Prophet Kevin. I thank God for the day I found this website.

  3. God bless Israel. The apple of His eye.

  4. Yes, May God Bless the Holy Land of Israel!