Friday, 14 October 2016


I have been to The United States of America, very many times in The Spiritual Realm; through Supernatural Dreams and Visions of The LORD. However, my attempt to go to the U.S.A in June 2016 in the Physical Realm was Blocked when my Visa Application was Rejected; the sad part is that the U.S.A Embassy did not give me a reason(s) for the rejection of the Visa application. I had to figure out myself the reasons as to why they rejected my Visa Application. We (Including I and the Team on the "Ground" in U.S.A) thereby had no option but to postpone Scheduled Sacred Assembly of The LORD that were to take place in Philadelphia (Pennsylvania State) and Norfolk (Virginia State).

But you know what, my Visa has now been Approved on 14th October 2016; after I Applied again. A 5 Year Visa. This indeed happened Miraculously, all the way in a record 14 Days. After my Visa application was rejected in April 2016, I thought it would be a very long time before I make another attempt to get the U.S.A Visa. But then The LORD Orchestrated a very miraculous move, that led to me submitting another Visa application online on 27th September 2016, and by 14th October 2016, I had my Visa Approved; after attending the Visa Interview at the U.S.A Embassy.

Meaning that I can now go to the U.S.A as many times as is possible; to serve The LORD: as The LORD Leads. Wherever and Whenever The LORD leads; Of course if The LORD shall not have Come then.

All Glory and Honour to The LORD God Almighty, The LORD Jesus Christ and The Holy Spirit.

What I Learn (And Perhaps You May Also Learn) From This Is That:

1-Never ever Give up.

2-The LORD's Perfect Timing is The Best.

3-When The LORD has spoken it; it will surely come to pass. I had seen The LORD sending me to Serve Him in U.S.A, so when the Visa Application was rejected in April 2016, I left it in the Hands of The LORD.

4-Always Surrender and Submit your Concerns (Burdens) to The LORD. Leave it to Him, He will surely Handle it; and a Breakthrough will surely be forthcoming, according to His Perfect Plan, Perfect Timing and Perfect Will: For The Glory and Honour of His Mighty Name.

5-When a Door (s) is (are) seemingly Closed in your Life or Ministry, then it’s good to remember that: When The LORD Opens a Door, No One can Close it. And when The LORD Closes a Door, No One can Open it.


BARUCH HASHEM ADONAI (Blessed Be the Name of The LORD).

Your Brother in Christ Jesus, and a Shepherd of The LORD,

Kevin Mirasi


  1. Congratulations bro. Kevin. I pray that it will be the Most High's will to open the door to the state of Florida....Shalom!

  2. God bless you. Praise God. Congratulations!

  3. God bless you. Praise God. Congratulations!
    Good news!

  4. Truly, the Lord God Almighty operates in mysterious ways and I thank him for opening doors for you Kevin.

  5. Will u be coming yo petth australia?

    1. Amen Sister Carol,

      I will come to Australia (Perth) at the Perfect Timing of The LORD.

  6. Praise our Lord Jesus! May he open more doors for you as you Spread the Gospel of our Almighty God!

  7. Please brother Mirasi. Will you be here in philadelphia? When and and where???? I really need to explain talk to you brother. The fore of darkness have been assaulting me. I should also let you know that you should fast and pray for protection before coming here, for great darkness is sweeping this Land. And philadelphia is not excluded at a state level. The lord gave me the gift of seeing in the spirit while being awake and in my mortal body.i see spider spirits everywhere here, demon possessed people everywhere. Like people dead in the spirit, void of God. When you mention the name of Jesus here, people roll the eyes.The hour is very late. Please before coming, pray and fast. The Lord is with you. I will also pray for you.The Lord is soon to return. You won't believe my testimony brother. This is the end. Time has run out and the lord Jesus is not at the door anymore. He is already through the door. At any moment, who knows like you said, if the rapture will happen you come here. Be blessed always and may our father protects you always!!!! In Jesus name, Amen!!!!!