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I give thanks and glory to GOD The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit as I share with you on the nation of Israel. May the grace of the LORD be with you as you read through to the end.

The book of Genesis chapter 12:2-3 states as follows: “I will make you into a great nation and I will bless you: I will make your name great and you will be a blessing. I will bless those who bless you and whoever curses you I will curse; and all people on earth will be blessed through you.

The above was a decree that The LORD God Almighty (Abba Father) made to Abraham when he called him. This decree/declaration was not only to Abraham but also to his descendants. The question is: who are they (The descendants)? 

In the book of Genesis Chapter 15:13-14 which states “Know for certain that your descendants will be strangers in a country not their own and they will be enslaved and ill treated four hundred years. But I will punish the nation they serve as slaves, and afterwards they will come out with great possessions. You however will go to your fathers in peace and be buried at a good Old age. In the fourth generation your descendants will come back here, for the sin of the Amorites has not yet reached its full measure.”

The above prophesy was passed to Abraham by God The Father regarding the slavery of his descendants in the strange Land of Egypt and their eventual exodus away from Egypt to the promised Land. This prophesy eventual came to pass when Moses led them in the Exodus, and they eventually reached the Land that God promised them through Abraham.

In the book of Genesis Chapter 15:18-21 which states:On that day the LORD made a covenant with Abram and said ‘To your descendants I give this Land from the river of Egypt to the great river, the Euphrates-the land of the Kenites, Kenizzites, Kadmonites, Hittites, Perrizzites, Raphaites,Amorites,Canaanites,Girgashites and Jebusites’.

The above covenant was the covenant that God The Father made with Abraham and his descendants regarding the Holy Land he was giving them, whose description He made very clear.

The descendants that God The Father was referring to were the descendants that would come through the son Abraham would bore with Sarah: Isaac. Isaac would later bore other sons including Jacob (Also known as Israel). This was made clear In Genesis 21:11-13 which states: The matter distressed Abraham greatly because it concerned his son (Ishmael). But God said to him,’ Do not be so distressed about the boy (Ishmael) and your maidservant (Haggai). Listen to whatever Sarah tells you, because it is through Isaac that your offspring will be reckoned. I will make the son of the maidservant into a nation also, because he is your offspring.”

This offspring that God told Abraham would be reckoned was the nation of Israel. And so the Nation Israel was chosen by God The Father and the LORD promised Abraham that he (Abraham) would be a father of many nations and that through Israel, God was going to bless all the other nations of the Earth. So the nation of Israel was and is still is as at today a chosen nation; whoever blesses them will be blessed by God The Father and whoever curses them will be cursed by God the Father. God the Father never forgets the covenants He makes even though man may forget or try to manipulate such covenants made by God.
After the Israelites were rescued from Egypt and then later on taken to the promised the Land, they rebelled against God The Father and started worshiping Idols and doing detestable things against God The Father and so In Ezekiel 20:23-26 we find it stated as follows:Also with uplifted hand I swore to them in the desert that I would disperse them among the nations and scatter them through the countries, because they had not obeyed my laws but has rejected my decrees and desecrated my Sabbaths and their eyes, lusted, after their fathers’ idols. I also gave them over to statutes that were not good and laws they could not live by; I let them become defiled through their gifts-the sacrifice of every firstborn-that I might fill them with horror so that they would know that I am the LORD

Even though God The Father had brought the Israelites from Egypt to the promised land, He was now declaring that due to their disobedience and rebellion he was now going to disperse and scatter them among the nations and countries. This came to pass in the 1st Century when the Roman Empire defeated the nation of Judea, destroyed its Holy Temple in Jerusalem and exiled hundreds of thousands of Jews (Israelites). They were scattered to various countries of the world including Russia, Poland, Germany, Romania, Austria etc. And infact one of the main passions of Adolf Hitler during world war 11 was the massacre and persecution of the Jews (Israelites) who by then were exiled and scattered all over many nations/countries.

However, despite their rebellion and disobedience, Israel being a chosen nation of God, a nation with whom God The Father made a covenant, The LORD promised to gather them from the nations and countries where they had been dispersed/scattered. 

So in Ezekiel 20:33-35 we find The LORD declaring as follows:As surely as I live, declares the sovereign LORD, I will rule over you with a mighty hand and an outstretched arm and with outpoured wrath. I will bring you from the nations and gather you from the countries where you have been scattered-with a mighty hand and an outstretched arm and with outpoured wrath. I will bring you into the desert of nations and there, face to face, I will execute judgment upon you.”

So in the year 1948, a very significant, historical and fulfillment of a biblical prophecy occurred when there was the rebirth of the nation of Israel.

Actually the countdown to the coming of the messiah Jesus Christ through Rapture to rescue the Repentant, Righteous Souls living in Holiness started in earnest then. This is because the coming of the messiah for the Rapture is actually centered around the events happening/to happen in the nation of Israel. Furthermore, when Jesus Christ will be coming with the saints who had been raptured 7 years earlier at the end of the Great Tribulation, He will be coming directly into Jerusalem in Israel from where he will reign on the earth for a period of 1,000 years.

Glory be to the LORD Jesus Christ as I now bring to your attention a very historical, significant and a fulfillment of the bible prophesy that started happening on the 20th September 2011 when Palestinian formally submitted their statehood bid to the UN Security council. An event that was prophesied by Prophet Zechariah and Prophet David. This event was of a very significant proportion with regard to the Rapture of the Repentant souls and will culminate eventually to the events that will usher in the Great Tribulation. The LORD Jesus Christ has confirmed that the Rapture is now extremely very close and imminent and He requires the people of the earth to prepare in Absolute Complete Surrender to him by Repentance (of their sins of the ones they know of and of the ones they may not know of for the bible says all have fallen short of glory and that if we say we don’t have any sin we deceive ourselves and the truth is not in us), Righteousness and Absolute Holiness.

But remember nobody knows the hour or the day and so it can be seconds, minutes, weeks or months from now. The LORD Jesus Christ is in essence passing a very clear message that we should not concern ourselves with when the Rapture will take place but that the people of the earth should totally focus on Him in Repentance, Righteousness and Holiness since His coming in now imminent. (We are now actually at Injury time).

Back to the event that started happening on the 20th September 2011, Israel and Palestinian Authority have been having historical desolation/ anguish/ misery/ Unhappiness since the establishment of the nation of Israel in 1948. The nations of the earth have been debating under the banner of United Nations (UN) and the critical agenda under discussion has been the recognition of the statehood of Palestinian. And going by the reality on the ground, most countries of the world have declared that they are in favour of a Palestinian statehood against Israel. Even though the bid failed since Palestinian could not master a single country to ensure they got 9 votes at the Security Council which would have forced a vote. The USA threatened to veto the bid. However whether the vote succeeded or not the ground has been set and lines are clearly drawn going by the events involving these countries: USA’ Russia, Iran, Israel, Syria, Turkey, Lebanon, China etc 

Furthermore, most countries are pushing Israel to accept the Pre-1967 border line (which will mean that Israel relinquish West bank, Gaza and the Historical and biblical Judea and Samaria areas). And furthermore the Palestinian Authority wants Jerusalem to be split into two so that East Jerusalem becomes part of The Palestinian state as its capital city plus other major areas of Israel. And furthermore most Middle East nations are against Israel, Infact the Iran regime have declared several times that “Israel should be wiped out of the face of the world map”. Hamas, the majority party in Palestinian Parliament does not recognize the right of Israel to exist. Recently Palestinian President Mahamoud Abbas signed a memorandum of understanding with the Hamas leadership.

The problem comes from dividing the Holy Land of Israel; based not on what God The Father decrees but based on what man (the nations of the Earth decides). Israel being a chosen nation and God the Father declaring that “If you bless Israel I will bless you; If you curse Israel I will curse you”. God the Father is essentially passing the message to the People of the Earth that they should touch His Holy land at their own risks. That if they touch His Holy Land, He is going to pour His wrath on the nations of the earth who go against His Holy Land. This is actually going to culminate into The Great Tribulation.

Below are the prophesies given through Servants of God: King David and Zechariah in the Bible about events just about to happen concerning The Nations of Earth Vs the nation of Israel

Zechariah 12:1-9 which states: "This is the word of the LORD concerning Israel. The LORD who stretches the earth and who forms the spirit of man within him declares: I am going to make Jerusalem a cup that sends all the surrounding peoples reeling. Judah will be besieged as well as Jerusalem. On that day, when the all the nations of the earth are gathered against her, I will make Jerusalem an immovable rock for all the nations. All who try to move it will injure themselves. On that day I will strike every horse with panic and its rider with madness, declares the LORD. I will keep a watchful eye over the house of Judah, but I will blind all the horses of the nations. Then the leaders of Judah will say in their hearts. ‘The people of Jerusalem are strong, because the LORD Almighty is their God.’ On that day, I will make the Leaders of Judah like a brazier in a woodpile, like a flaming torch among sheaves. They will consume right and left all the surrounding peoples, but Jerusalem will remain intact in her place. The LORD will save the dwellings of Judah first, so that the honour of the house of David and of Jerusalem’s inhabitants may not be greater than that of Judah. On that day the LORD will shield those who live in Jerusalem, so that the feeblest among them will be like David, and the house of David will be like God, like the Angel of the LORD going before them. On that day I will set to destroy all the nations that attack Jerusalem."

Psalm 83 which states: ""O God do not keep silent; be not quiet God, be not still. See how your enemies are astir, how your foes rear their heads. With cunning they conspire against your people; they plot against those you cherish. “Come” they say, “let us destroy them as a nation, that the name of Israel be remembered no more.” With one mind they plot together; they form an alliance against you-the tents of Edom and the Ishmaelites, of Moab and the Hagrites, Gebal, Ammon and Amalek, Philistia, with the people of Tyre. Even Assyria has joined them to lend strength to the descendants of Lot. Do to them as you did to Midian, as you did to Sisera and Jabinta the river Kishon, who perished at Endor and became like refuse on the ground. Make their nobles like Oreb and Zeeb, all their princes like Zebah and Zalmunna, who said “Let us take possession of the pasture-lands of God.”Make them like tumble-weed, O my God, like chaff before the wind. As fire consumes the forest or a flame sets the mountains ablaze, so pursue them with your tempest and terrify them with your storm. Cover their faces with shame so that men will seek your name LORD. May they ever be ashamed and dismayed; may they perish in disgrace. Let them know that you, whose name is the LORD-that you alone are the Most High over all the Earth.""


Precious Jesus,

I acknowledge today that you are lord and savior of all mankind,

and today I have recognized my shortfall,

I repent and turn away from all sin.

Please cover me with your precious blood,

and establish your word in my life,

that I may be found in righteousness and holiness

and write my name in your book of life

and baptize me with the power of the Holy Spirit

in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.


Shalom!!! Shalom!!! Shalom!!!

Kevin Mirasi

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